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Types of SEO Audits

Learn the different types of SEO audits can help you to identify areas that need improvement. Today there is a myriad of information related to SEO so it’s easy to get lost among so many words and concepts. If you are a small business in Chicago trying to optimize your site, contact us now to boost your business with an SEO audit.

To get more sales, which is what every business is looking for, must have an optimized site. How do you do it? In the post Tips to optimize your website, we tell you some secrets to optimize your website, as well as the best tools to achieve it.

Yet, to achieve proper optimization, you need to perform an SEO audit. But what is an SEO audit?

As we explained in our post What is an SEO Audit, this detailed analysis is a process of reviewing your site to make sure everything is working as well as possible.

An SEO audit should be able to identify:

  • The strengths and opportunities to take advantage of.
  • The mistakes that need to be corrected
  • What is not working and needs to be improved

Each SEO professional has his or her own method for conducting audits. But, there are different types of SEO audits that we will explain below.

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Types Of SEO Audits

If your website receives a considerable amount of visits, but you are not converting visits into sales, it is advisable to consider the different types of SEO audits to attack the weak points of the strategy.

SEO content audit

This type of audit allows the identification of opportunities to improve the frequency, accuracy, and quality of content on the pages to increase traffic. This action also allows for improving the position in search engines.

On-page SEO audit

This audit focuses on the backend elements of a page. This action will optimize these elements for search crawlers. An On-Page SEO Audit checks meta descriptions, meta titles, alt text, image information, and other factors.

Off-Page SEO

This type of audit reviews other pages and even other domains that link to the pages to be improved. This action involves the quantity, quality, distribution, and periodicity of these links.

Technical SEO Audit

A technical SEO Audit will examine image optimization and performance metrics such as site speed and security. This type of audit will allow the site code to present timely improvements.

Local SEO Audit

As the name suggests, this audit will help your business rank for local searches. A local SEO Audit will be smaller but will include elements of each of the audits mentioned above.

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If you are starting out in the SEO world or feel overwhelmed by so much information, it is best to go with an agency that specializes in the subject.

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