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  • Boost your Brand
  • Increase e-commerce traffic and sales

Make your website visible in the best search engines

In Boxmark Digital we have a solid marketing culture, which allows us to offer you the best digital marketing solutions. We put at your disposal our human talent and portfolio of exclusive and advantageous services. Aimed at boosting the metrics of your business with the effective management of online marketing, social media  and digital marketing chicago.

Our organization is tireless in the search for excellence and new methodologies that take another level, digital marketing in your company. We create innovative processes that add value to permanently and constantly promote the traffic of satisfied potential customers.

We represent the best marketing agency in Chicago and we want to offer you our exclusive services. To encourage and optimize the productivity and sales levels of your organization.


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Implement the most advanced online marketing techniques, through the creative, effective and efficient use of ICTs. With the purpose of promoting the highest levels of productivity and competitiveness, in your business.


Position itself as the best solution in digital marketing processes, nationally and internationally. Providing strategies to optimize and consolidate the impact of your company’s brand, in globalized markets.


Our Essential Pack

$99/week = $396/month​


  • Google Business Setup
  • Setup/Enhance Online Listings
  • Digital Ads
    • Facebook Ads 25 Ads Per Day
    • Online Ads 25 Ads Per Day

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More Reviews for Your Business

Scale Your Reputation on
Places like Google, Yelp & Facebook


$396 / month
  • Google Business Setup
  • Setup/Enhance Online Listings
  • Digital Ads
  • Facebook Ads 25 Ads Per Day
  • Online Ads 25 Ads Per Day


$450 / month
  • Complete Site SEO (On page, Image,technical, external)
  • Keyword Research & Competitive Analysis
  • Reviews Setup
  • Local Content Building
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • 2 Monthly Blogs Articles
  • Content Publishing
  • Monthly Link-Building Activities
  • 20 Keywords
  • Performance Monitoring & Reporting
  • Weekly Rankings Report
  • Social Media Management
  • Up to 3 Social Profiles
  • Ads
  • Facebook Ads-75 Rotating Ads Per day
  • Online Ads -75 Rotating Ads Per day
  • Video Ads
  • 4 Videos Per Month


$299 / month
  • Essentials
  • Site SEO
  • Keyword Research & Competitive Analysis
  • Reviews Setup
  • 10 Keywords
  • Weekly Rankings Report
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • 1 Monthly Blog Publishing
  • Digital Ads
  • Facebook Ads-50 Rotating Ads Per day
  • Online Ads -50 Rotating Ads Per day
  • Video Ads
  • 2 Videos Per Month


We offer the best techniques and tools with google seo to project to the first places. The information of the products and services of your company. We can guarantee you this service, because we are the best seo company in the market.

Only excellent seo optimization will ensure that your business reaches the top of sales. This is achieved with efficient administration and management, which we carry out to the content keys. Of all the productive and administrative processes of your business brand.

Email Marketing

Another service that will increase your company’s client portfolio is email marketing. Its main function is to connect to the target market, through email. In order to achieve feedback, with the products and services offered by the company.

It allows you to maintain a direct contact with your customers, to notify them about all the news of your products, prices, promotions, etc. It also prepares statistical management indicators on the opinions provided

Facebook Ads

If you want a quick return on investment, we have a secure advertising methodology in Facebook Ads.

It is considered the most powerful platform to reach the different customer segments that will demand your products to meet their needs.

Display Advertising

To capture the immediate attention of the cybernaut, we have at your disposal a didactic and entertaining way to show advertisements. It is a professional advertising in the form of a flag or pictures.

Which guides a methodology of graphics, animated or static images, videos, stories, narrations, which is intended. A call to action to build customer loyalty and motivation with the company.

Social Media Marketing

We know the importance of community 2.0 today. So the management of specialists is necessary, in the effective management of social networks.

We offer you the best Social Media Marketing schedule to attract customers to your business. You will have an impressive traffic of consumers, with the effective administration of this tool.

Pay Per Click

We offer you another effective internet advertising scheme, the PPC. It consists of the fact that we are going to place different information on your company on different digital pages.

When the consumer clicks the announcement or informative note, it will be directed to the website of your own company. It is ideal for attracting new customers, which will massively boost sales.

Corporate values

  • Qualified Staff: We have a multidisciplinary team made up of specialists in the different areas of online marketing.
  • Code of Professional Ethics: We provide our services in accordance with moral and ethical guidelines with our clients, colleagues and the general public. This translates into relationships based on respect, camaraderie, loyalty, commitment, honesty, integrity and rectitude.
  • Technological Innovation: With technological innovation we encourage continuous improvement in our services, management and qualifications of our staff.
  • Entrepreneurship: We promote entrepreneurship through creativity, formation of new companies, activation of the economic circuit and employment. We achieve all this with teamwork, to provide the best advice and consulting in online marketing.
  • Constant Update: We have as a methodological premise, research and ongoing training in regulations and methodology of digital marketing. This allows us to support and guide our customers with greater efficiency.
  • Organizational Culture: the success of the permanence of a company over time, the efficiency of its processes and the ability to generate profits. It is given by a deep-rooted and strengthened organizational culture in its context of activities. In Boxmarkdigital we are characterized by motivated and happy employees, who will always be willing to boost the productivity of your company. 
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