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What Is Shown In An SEO Audit?

We have already talked in other posts about the importance of SEO in your business and website. A well-done SEO audit can boost your business and attract more traffic and customers. But what is shown in an SEO audit?

Let’s refresh our memory a bit and remember what an SEO audit is. It is a detailed analysis of a website that provides an overview of what is going on. This analysis identifies the main errors of the site and allows you to create a strategy to correct them.
In other words, performing this technique  is a process of reviewing your site to make sure everything is working as well as possible. Knowing what this detailed analysis can do for your business, let’s review what is shown in an SEO audit.

What Is Shown In An SEO Audit?

Every professional has a method for conducting an SEO analysis. Thus, each site audit report is going to vary depending on who performs it. But, even if everyone has their own way of performing an SEO audit, it should always reflect a complete picture of the website hierarchy. It should also report all the problems that prevent a better performance of the site.
Establishing a list of results that any audit should deliver is a complicated task. But, any analysis should report the following.
  • On-Page Audit: Technical SEO aspects (indexability, WPO, sitemap, etc.) and contents (meta tags, headings, web architecture, keywords, etc.).
  • Off-page audit: All aspects that depend on external sites are analyzed (inbound links, authority, link profile, etc.).

This list is very vague compared to all that a well-done SEO analysis delivers. But it is very important that when you resort to professional help to boost your business, you know what you should check to improve. 

Why is it important to have a regular SEO audit?

Audience tastes, as well as Google’s parameters, vary from day to day. It is thus important to pay attention to the SEO activity of your website, as well as that of your competitors.
Implementing SEO best practices on your website will allow your business to perform better and connect with your target audience. All these elements should make up a successful SEO strategy.

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