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The market for legal service has grown a lot in the last few years; mostly due to the use of internet and the new information technologies.

Since old times, lawyers have protected themselves with self regulations, and sometimes banning advertising. This protection had the effect of avoiding competition and questionable progress. So, making the market for legal services static and stable. But the law firms started to compete among them very fiercely in the 80’s.

With the development of communications. And specially the internet, lawyers have found new ways to offer their services. Also, they can relate with their targets, in very different forms.

Because of the mentioned advances in technology and communication. There has been a growing of the competitive environment. Making online marketing the only road to survive and grow your firm.

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Before you enter into a marketing approach with your company, it is useful to know which factors are influencing and forming the market and its competitiveness.

Law firms use marketing mostly to overcome the challenges these factors create, and to exploit opportunities to win the competence.

Technological advances have changed the way professionals do their job, but every opportunity the internet gives, brings with it an accompanying risk, let’s see:

Law firms have  invest in new technologies to keep updated with developments and fulfill clients’ expectations. This can be very expensive.

People feel capable to take a ‘do it yourself’ approach to finding legal solutions, so there’s no need to pay a legal professional for the same information or service.

Marketing legal services is not the same as marketing other products. And this is due to the characteristics of the legal services.


Sometimes, for small businesses and individual consumers. Legal services are a kind of ‘credence good’

But, purchasing credence goods puts buyers at risk of opportunistic behaviour. Because of selling a service, or billed for services that were not performed right.

The effect this has in the legal services industry is that prospective clients will seek the personal recommendation of friends. Because of the uncertainty of buying legal services.

So, you can be sure when you come to us looking for legal advice. Because our professional staff will give you the best service and attention. Pay only for what you need to know. And contact us!

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