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Traffic is the lifeblood of a website. Without visitors, you don’t have a business or a brand. But, getting traffic to a website can be very difficult, especially if you are starting from scratch. So that you don’t suffer from a lack of traffic, our SEO service in Houston, Texas is your best option. Here’s why.

Having a website for your business is the first step but it takes more to have a very strong online presence.  In addition, SEO paves the way to the top of these search results and is a very critical element to your online success.

Thus, using the sets of processes that comprise a comprehensive SEO campaign, can help your business achieve a higher level of brand awareness. 

With our strategies, your business will be the best brand in the market. That’s why we’re ranked as the best Houston SEO company. Our SEO services help you get higher rankings on search engines.

With Boxmark Digital you will get more customers by getting more visibility. 

More traffic means more sales and more profit for your business

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How does Local SEO help my business?

Are you looking for Houston SEO Services to help you score quality leads? If so, you’re in the right place. Houston SEO is a great way to boost your online presence and improve your website ranking. It’s also a great way to get more traffic and improve your online reputation. If you’re interested in learning more about this, keep reading.

Local SEO is search engine optimization focused on a certain location. In other words, local SEO allows you to appear in top positions for specific locations.

For example. Let’s say you want to position your barbershop website in Houston. With local SEO you will be able to reach the local audience. How? Easy. Use the following formula: keyword + in + locality. In this case, it would be a “barbershop in Houston”.

When you search for something, especially on your Smartphone, sometimes Google suggests local businesses. This is how local SEO works.

Trust the best Houston SEO Firm

If you have a business focused on a specific city you want to attract customers located in that city, right? Well, that’s exactly why it’s so important. It’s about standing out above the rest in the searches they do from the location of your business.

We are Boxmark Digital, a team of web developers and SEO experts who can help you build an amazing website and position it at the top of Google search results.

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Increase Exposure:

We want to contribute with our experience and professional level. In other words, our SEO services will help you with the ranking of your website to improve the online visibility of your products and services to increase your sales. 

Ranking Analytics:

We design your website content structured with a selected keyword, and it is just the first phase we make your content gleam with strong backlinks that will unswervingly increase your ranking. Above all, we care about your services and products.

SEO Content Writing:

Search engine algorithms change on a regular basis but there is one factor that remains consistent all throughout – and that is good original web content. Therefore, trust Houston’s leading Marketing professionals.

Local SEO:

Really important for every business, even a small business that just focuses on local SEO. Keep in mind that in addition, search engines give social networks greater importance in their algorithm. 

Competitor Analysis:

Today the level of competitiveness among companies is very high and the only way to secure the market. It is to reach the entire segmented community of customers, through our SEO services in Houston.

Off-Page SEO:

We offer the best On-page and Off-page SEO techniques and tools to get your business ranked on Google’s first page. Therefore, we are committed to doing everything in our reach and more, to make your website experience the traffic that it deserves.

Why should you hire Boxmark's SEO agency?

There are many reasons why you should hire a Houston SEO firm, including these:

  • It’s a great way to get more traffic to your website. More traffic means more sales and higher profits.
  • You can get higher rankings on Google and other search engines.
  • This will make it easier for people to find you. It’s a great way to improve your online reputation. The more people that find you, the better.
  • It’s affordable. Hiring a Houston SEO company won’t break the bank. You don’t have to do anything. The firm will handle all the work for you.
  • It can help you get more business from local search engines and other sources. You can even get customers from social media and other platforms.

If you need a high-quality blogger for backlinks or blog commenting services our SEO team can help you. Our team of SEO specialists is a leader in the industry. We have over 15 years of experience in providing SEO and Internet marketing services for local and national businesses. 

With our strategies, your business will be the best brand in the market. That’s why we’re ranked as the best Houston SEO company. Our SEO services help you get higher rankings on search engines. Our SEO services will help you get more customers by getting more visibility.

Start Ranking on Google's 1st Page

How do we get your Business Ranked?

  1. Complete understanding of  your business 
  2. Keyword Research 
  3. Analyze your competition 
  4. Website structure analysis
  5. Content analysis
  6. Conversion rate analysis
  7. Off-page online analysis
  8. Optimization of website code and structure
  9. Enhance and add onsite content
  10. Optimization of off-page factors

Best Spanish SEO in Texas

We know how important has become the Spanish markets these days in Houston city. Of the total population, 43.81 % of people were Hispanic or Latinos. This makes it a very interesting place for companies to start paying attention to this new market. With this high percentage of Hispanic people, there must be a huge amount of people who are Spanish speakers. Every day there are a lot of people with different backgrounds and languages among us. For that purpose, we need to be prepared when directing our business services toward them. Most of the time there would be a language barrier that won’t let us communicate with them. We could be losing potential clients due to that matter.

Here is where Spanish SEO comes into action. These SEO services focus on designing your webpage to match your target public interest. Do not take for granted that you won’t need Latinos or Hispanics to know about your business. They are an important part of our community. So, you need to focus on them, in order to appeal to them and catch their attention.

Houston City

The City of Houston, Texas, was founded in August 1836 by brothers Augustus and John Allen. The following year, in 1837, Houston was incorporated into the Republic of Texas and remained its capital until 1840.

In addition to being the fourth largest city in the United States of America, Houston boasts a renewed cultural offer that captivates and promises to dazzle us, entertain us and teach us much more about the world through authentic artistic treasures.

Visitors, in addition to the brand new NASA Control Center, have at their disposal several options to amuse and amaze themselves: a brand new museum district that has been totally modernized, with many resources invested to expand it, improve it and turn it into one of the most attractive places in the world.

6 Houston Highlights
  1. 4th largest city in the United States
  2. 7,066,141 inhabitants in the metropolitan area, 2,320,268 inhabitants in the city (2020)
  3. More than 90 languages spoken in Houston
  4. 19 institutions make up the Houston Museum District
  5. 1969 was the year “Houston” was the first word uttered from the Moon
  6. 10,000 restaurants offer dining options representing more than 70 countries and regions of the world

Check out the best of Houston, Texas

Here are some places that make the city of Houston so appealing to many people, that it also helps to boost its economy and make it a great place to invest.

1. Space Center Houston:

This is a must-see place for any new visitor to Houston. This place is a huge complex where you can go walking through the space shuttle replica Independence and other aircrafts. It is such an interesting place to go to learn a more about our outer space.

2. Houston’s Museum District:

This is great cultural attraction, that has inside 19 museums of many aspects, such as Fine Arts, Natural Science, etc. Let us remember that some of these museums are free of charge, so you will be able to visit them as much as you can.

3. Houston Zoo:

It is the city’s star attraction. With more than 6,000 exotic and indigenous animals, it is very popular among the visitors and even the locals. Besides, you can also have fun giving a boat trip or a stroll in the park’s walking trails.

4. Galveston:

This is place that has many beautiful beaches. It will help you to catch a quick break from the city, and relax waking down the sun in the historic downtown and dinning besides the sea.

5. Bayou Place:

This place is located in the middle of Houston’s Theater District. It includes several activities and attractions to visit, such as the Hard Rock Café, Verizon Wireless Theater, and Angelika Film Center.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need a web design company?

Only you can tell when you need web design services. But ask yourself if you are setting realistic objectives for your company, what you spect your website to do for you and if it is actually doing that for you. Our job is to answer those questions if you have no idea what to answer, and if you have all that figured out our job is to help you align that vision of your company

How to hire Boxmark?

Well, that’s easy! Contact us to 1 888-315-2721 or send us an email. We’ll start figuring out an strategy together, probably conduct a Free SEO Audit and see what the problem is, what we can do to help you and from there we’ll take care of everthing.

Don’t worry for signing contracts because we never use them: we want you to be working with us for the great work we do, not because you’re forced to.

Why choose Boxmark?

Our company has had over 2000 clients and we have so many clients because we are good, quick to get results and have a solid team ready and able to do whatever they need to make your business run better.
We never use contracts to force you to stay with us, and prefer to earn the loyalty of our customers. In these years we have had so many clients that we actually are really likely to have already had one in your industry, so we know a lot about your industry, niche and the way you need this to be handled.

What services does Boxmark offer?

We are a long-standing traditional company from Houston, Tx dedicated to ALL digital marketing services. Here we offer on-site link building and off-site link building. We offer Adwords setup and management and SEO Services, including: SEO Audits. General SEO services in Houston in the one-off mode or in a monthly SEO Service basis (but never with a contract. You are never stuck with us, we want you to be using our services with conviction.).