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What are today’s online marketing trends?

What are today’s online marketing trends?

If there is something we for sure know about technology marketing is that it moves fast and changes all the time. Likewise, not only do technology evolves, but the consumer interests and behavior are also hard to predict. And if there is something we know is that those two go hand by hand. As for 2021, the digital marketing trends have revolved around two almost contradictory concepts. First, there is a need of customizing the service and tailoring each content to an individual to create a deep business-client relationship.  Then, what are today’s online marketing trends? Learn which are to apply them.


One thing many people look when choosing a product or service is to identify with it. What people, especially younger audiences, want to see is for business to start portraying them into their content. The more they identify and feel connected, the more they are likely to become a client.

This year has made it pretty clear. Digital marketing needs to include and cover any kind of races, sexualities, religions, and representation for people with physical disabilities or learning disabilities. So, start adapting your content, images, videos, social media and blogs towards everybody.

What are today’s online marketing trends personalization


Within a city like Chicago , many people have become more involved and passionate about environmentalism. Since the concern about the global health has increased lately, what many people want is to be sure that the brands they use are concerned for the planet earth as well. And if we talk about numbers, approximately 81 % of the consumers feel that companies need to do better into being environmentally friendly. So, you need to make it part of your identity as a company. You can display in a banner, or through post on social media.

Image and video SEO

What are today’s online marketing trends image and video seo

We believe that you are familiarized with the normal way of searching information, images or videos: by typing in keyword in Google and expect for the results. However, nowadays, there is a new way of searching for information only with images or photos.

Did you know you can also submit them for a search, and look for results as well? Yes, it is possible. This is a very innovative visual search technique that has widened the way people can find your business.

For this, you need to make sure that all your image descriptions include alt text, add images to your sitemap, include your target SEO keywords into the name of the image and use images with good quality. The more you use Google Lens, the more your business gets recognition. It will definitely increase your traffic since people only need a picture to get what they want, and that is your business.

Interactive content

So, since we have stated that what people look now is for something more personalized, there is also something else. When the content they review is interactive, it makes them feel more engage towards the brand. Any kind of interactive content like quizzes, open-ended questions, surveys, polls, calculators, widgets and so on, can create a deep connection with your brand. The more they feel involve, the more they will stay with you and have a good customer relationship with great user experience. Then, use your social media more to add these tools, and apply them also into your website.

Customer segmentation

Though not a brand-new trend, it has become popular nowadays. This segmentation is based on targeting your marketing campaigns according to the specific tastes of your audience. So, instead of planning a marketing campaign to general audiences, you should focus on the audience based on their traits and behaviors.

For this matter, you need to begin doing research about the demographics and their shopping habits. By doing this, you will be able to tailor better your content to fit their preferences. 

What are today’s online marketing trends customer segmentation

Then, you can have two separate email lists, one for big spenders and the other for small spenders, and send different types of newsletters. This trend goes hand in hand with personalization and customer engagement. Clients feel better when they receive advertising that fits what they are truly interested. Likewise, you can apply this knowledge beyond the email lists. What you can do is to prepare specialized ads and use them in different sites, blogs and social media.


Yes, they will remain being an important part of the digital market this year. While you have to focus on a good SEO Services to optimized your webpage to rank better and higher, don’t forget something we’ve been discussing, which is customer support and interaction. We cannot know when someone will enter our website. But what we can assure is that they receive full attention no matter what time it is. How you can do that? Well, chatbots are a great AI-based technology that will use instant messaging to chat in real-time. So, whether it is day or night, you can be sure that your customers or visitors will receive attention. Think of them as virtual assistants that can give answers promptly and are responsive 24/7.

Influencer Marketing

Most of the time, when you try to advertise your product or service, having the help of a person with authority or well-known helps a lot. This is where influences marketing comes in hand.

It consists on having a key leader, like an influencer, to perform a word-of-mouth marketing, so it can amplify your brand message to a larger market. The kind of influencer can be a well-known celebrity, that can be found on Instagram or YouTube. Based on the number of followers they have, they can help you spread the word about your business through their social media.

What are today’s online marketing trends influencer

According to some researches, 63 % of consumers will trust an influencer’s opinion regarding a product or service. And out of that number, 58 % will have bought it. So, the influencer marketing is not just a transient trend. It is something that it is here to stay, specially with the popularization of different social platforms.

Social Media Stories

Yes, social media continue to evolve each year. So, since Snapchat first came out with the concept of “My Story”, a place where you can show short videos for a set period of time, many platforms have begun introducing similar tools. For example, Instagram and Facebook (stories), and last but not least, YouTube (Reels). Any good SEO Firm can say how important it is to have a great webpage with excellent and informative content, so customers can create a bond with it. And a way to achieve this is through the use of social media stories. Some benefits are that you can increase brand awareness, engage more with followers, increase your traffic, reach younger audiences, etc. Here, in our SEO Firm we recommend you to use this new tool, by doing polls, adding links or location tags to your social media, mentioning other brands that are related to yours, and so on. It is certainly an excellent way to connect deeper to a user, and transform it into a long-lasting relationship.

Update your online marketing tools now!

The internet and digital market will always be evolving, and if you want your business to be constant relevant, you need to evolve as well. the today’s online marketing trends, like a good search engine marketing , or new content like interactive tools, need to take priority to upgrade your website. now you know What are today’s online marketing trends? After all, all these trends combine with the best SEO Services will give you good results. Your company and brand will catch more users and future clients. Make them feel involved with your product or service.

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