How PPC Works?

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Get to know how PPC works. Our straight forward approach is streamlined to get your ad in sight of clients that are ready to purchase. If you have additional questions feel free to contact our specialist. They will be glad to go over and explain each step of our PPC or Google Ads setup process. 


How ppc works?

Your Project Setup Begins!

How CPC Works
How does PPC Work
How PPC agencies work


First we get to know your Business

Our PPC experts begin with a quick questionnaire about your business, services and target clients. These are essential to begin your project.

Keyword Analysis and Research

After we gather information we start an extensive Keyword Analysis on your industry and service that will lead to more conversions.

Website Landing Page

We set up a professional landing page, for optimal PPC configuration without affecting your existing website. 

Ad Development

Our team will create appealing ads for your Google Ads campaign. In an effort to catch more viewers and influence them to click on your ad.

Campaign Launch

Your Ad Campaign goes live within 24-48 hrs. 



How CPC agencies work
How does Google Adwords work?
How do PPC companies work

Project Management Starts

Monitoring, Management and Adjustments


Performance Analysis

Based on detailed performance analysis we manually ensure your campaign is using daily spend most efficiently. At this time we will determine which ads are performing better and optimize the under performing ads.  


Negative Keyword Removal

Negative keywords affect your performance. We have industry experts that identifiy these keywords before they affect your campaign.



We determine when to best run your ad campaign so that it will be the most productive.





Following market and industry trends we provide real time and honest advice for an optimal marketing experience. 



Weekly Reporting

Our weekly reports will outline results and strategies moving forward for next week.


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