You are currently viewing Google tools that will help you to optimize your website

Google tools that will help you to optimize your website

To generate valuable leads, increase your sales, and attract new users, must have an optimized website. The correct optimization of your website will also allow you to rank high in search results. If you are looking for professional help, BoxMark Digital is your best option for website optimization in Chicago, Illinois.

One of the factors that will boost your digital business is its online visibility. Nowadays, especially in e-commerce, visibility is everything in the business world. The visibility of your website is the ease of appearing in search engines when a user does a search.

But how do you increase that visibility and increase sales? In other posts, we told you about what an SEO audit is and how to perform it, as well as the importance of having an SEO audit. Now, we will share with you the best Google tools to increase your visibility and improve the optimization of your website.

Google is par excellence the best search engine today. It is the one that sets the parameters to improve the visibility of web pages. It’s who dictates who appears at the top of the search pages.

If you have been in the digital business world for a while, you have come across Google tools such as Analytics or AdWords. Alongside these powerful platforms, other tools can be handy for optimizing your website.

How to get a site optimized for Google

To train beginners, Google provided a guide on how to get an optimized site. This guide explains in detail how to optimize your website.  Here you will find examples such as:

  • Offering quality content will allow you to position yourself better.
  • Work on link building to get a more solid network.
  • Create user-friendly websites, easy to use for the user.
  • Avoid over-optimization

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Along with this complete guide, Google offers you several website optimization tools that will help you boost your business.

Website Optimization Chicago: The Google tools you need to learn how to use

Google Search Console: One of Google’s free tools to help you check and improve your site’s online presence. It gives you a detailed view of how Google understands your website and what it needs to do to improve its performance.

PageSpeed Insights: Measures website performance on both mobile devices and computers. What it measures is the load time of the top half of the page, and of the entire page, in two different sequences.

Google Analytics: This allows you to analyze user tracking, entry sources, web exit points, marketing campaign results, visit duration, bounce rates, etc.

Google Trends: The tool par excellence for content optimization. It is the best way to know what users need at all times.

Google AdWords: Google’s tool for sponsored advertising is constantly evolving. Also, advertising, it has very useful functions to optimize your website.

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Having a website well positioned in Google will allow you greater visibility. Thus, a more significant number of visits will translate into higher sales.

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