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Best Free SEO Extensions For Chrome

Looking for the best free SEO extensions for Chrome? You’ve come to the right place. With the following list, you will be able to perform SEO audits or search for keywords. The only thing that separates you from the success of your brand is your discipline.
Before we get straight to the point, let’s talk about the installation process. We know it’s not very complicated to install Chrome extensions, but let’s still take a look.
To install any extension, you must first go to the Chrome Web Store. You’re already there? Perfect. Now in the search bar enter the name of the extension. Don’t forget to press Enter.
Now, click on the extension you want to download. On the next screen, select the Add to Chrome option. Voila! Chrome will install the extension and you will be able to use it.
As you saw, it is not very complicated to install the extensions. Now comes the fun part, let’s get started!

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The Best Free SEO Extensions For Chrome

If you think SEO is all about getting keywords and ranking for them, you’re seeing only one angle of the picture. While that’s the main goal, SEO encompasses several factors. To take a look at all the factors, you’d need a lot of time. This is where these extensions come into play.
With these powerful tools, you will be able to analyze your site’s SEO and that of your competitors. Also, you will detect possible problems and you will be able to optimize your site. Without further ado, let’s go to the extensions.
MozBar: Moz designed this extension to help you analyze any website. It shows factors such as the domain authority or the number of backlinks it has. It is ideal to know the difficulty of any keyword. Perform a quick search in the SERPs and check the metrics. That’s how easy it is to find out how difficult the task is.
The coolest thing about MozBar is that you can also see certain elements of SEO on Page. Aspects such as internal linking, headings, or meta description. Take advantage of this extension and launch your brand to the next level.
Lighthouse: If you’re looking for an SEO audit of your site, this is the extension for you. With Lighthouse you will be able to detect possible performance problems. Lighthouse is an automated tool from Google. The almighty search engine designed it to test the performance of a site in several different aspects.
Woorank: This extension covers SEO On Page aspects. As well as those related to user experience. With Woorank you will be able to analyze any website and look for possible problems.

The best SEO extension?

Seoquake: Semrush was not left behind and also launched its extension: SEOquake. This extension is like MozBar, but with more detail. It shows different metrics and expands them in a diagnostic panel.
Likewise, it also shows you SEO On Page and SEO Off Page factors. In the SERPs, it will show you metrics about the keyword you are looking for, its difficulty, and competition. Pretty cool, isn’t it?
SEOquake is much more powerful than most SEO extensions for Chrome. If you still don’t know which one to use, we recommend you start here.

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As you could see, all these extensions offer great benefits and save you a lot of time. Which one is the best? That’s up to you to decide. In the end, your project is unique and each extension will work best for your needs.
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