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Keywords: What Are They And Why Are They Important For SEO?

As fuel allows Formula 1 cars to reach the finish line, keywords propel websites to the top. That’s how important it is to know what are keywords and what they are for. Once you master this practice, your online business will be a total success.
Whether you’re in the SEO world or not, you’ve heard of keywords. Understanding this concept is fundamental to position any website. So, let’s see what keywords are, and what kind are. And, of course, how we can use them to benefit our brand.

What are keywords?

You do more than one search a day on Google. The words you select to search for anything, like daycare in Chicago or cleaning service in Chicago, are that. They are keywords.
In other words. These are terms that users use to make a query. They are not one word, they can also be made up of several terms. If you want to customize t-shirts in Chicago, you’re not going to search for customize or t-shirts. No! You’re going to search for custom t-shirts in Chicago.
Google and the other search engines use these important words to understand what their users are looking for. With this in mind, they provide them with results that are relevant to their queries.
The traffic that Google and search engines can send to your website is immense. That’s why it’s important to select the right keywords. And not only that, optimize them and use them.
We are not exaggerating when we say that keywords are essential for any site to improve its visibility. But, using them is not as simple as it seems. A single mistake when choosing the keyword for a post can ruin its positioning.

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What is the purpose of keywords in SEO?
If you search for the “best SEO agency in Chicago,” you want a company to come up that will help you with your SEO. That’s exactly what keywords are for.
They tell Google which queries your content is related to. The user generates the search, Google delivers your content and you get organic traffic.
But not all are the same. They vary depending on the number of terms they group together and how specific they are. Let’s see what we are talking about.
What are the main types of keywords?
You will be able to differentiate by their length. From there, there are three types:
Short tail keywords: They are single-term. Examples are “backpack”, “dog” or “hammer”. This makes them very generic, thus, very competitive.
Middle tail keywords: They group 2 to 3 terms. They are a bit more specific and have an intermediate level of competition. Thus, it is not impossible to position them.
Long tail keywords: “T-shirt Embroidery For Businesses Bridgeview“. This is a clear example of a long tail. Group 4 terms or more. They are very specific, which means that they have very low levels of monthly searches. Hence, minimal competition.

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