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Are Long Tail Keywords Better?

After stumbling across one SEO article or another, you may be wondering, are long tail keywords better? Before giving you an answer, let’s take a walk through the fascinating world of keywords.
To begin with, let’s establish what a keyword is. When you do a Google search, the words you use to search for anything are keywords. Pretty easy, right? But there are different types of keywords. In our article Keywords: What Are They And Why Are They Important For SEO, we talked in depth about this topic.
To summarize, short tail keywords are single terms. Medium-tail keywords group two to three terms. Long tail keywords, the ones we are researching, group 4 or more terms.
Want an example? Here you go. “Bridgeview business t-shirt embroidery.” This is a clear long-tail example.
Now, while long tail keywords seem to be the formula for success, you need to know one thing. They are incapable of channeling traffic from other more general keywords. But, in add they account for many more searches.

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Are long tail keywords better?

Long tail keywords are better. Yes, they are. They are better because they attract users willing to buy. How? When you use general keywords like flowers or dogs, you are not telling the customer what to do. But, if you rank for Exotic French bulldogs for sale in Chicago, people who click will be looking to take an action. In this case, buying a puppy.
As you may have noticed, long tails represent a higher conversion rate. Everyone wants to sell more, right? According to Hitwise, long tails represent a higher percentage of monthly search traffic.

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If you’re starting out with an online business, forget about general keywords. What your site needs are long tails. Between targeting one keyword that you are unlikely to rank for. Or positioning dozens of long tails that will increase your sales. What would you prefer?
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