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Most Common SEO Mistakes That Appear In Audits

SEO audits show the status of a website. But not only that. They also show the errors and possible improvements to install. After hundreds of audits, at Boxmark Digital we want to share with you the most common SEO mistakes that appear in audits. Why? Because we don’t want you to make the same mistakes.
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The 3 most common SEO mistakes that appear in audits

Presence of 404 and 301 errors
No one wants to encounter a dead link. When clicking, everyone expects to find a solution to their question. That’s why it is very important to avoid 404 errors on your website at all costs.
These errors generate a bad user experience, which affects your SEO. As soon as you detect a 404 error, you should correct it. Otherwise, Google could penalize your website by taking away its visibility.
Likewise, 301 errors are also a headache for the user. These errors tell the user that the requested link has been moved to another URL. A real disappointment, isn’t it?
If you present these errors on your website, users will most likely go to your competitors. To avoid this situation, contact Boxmark Digital and request a free SEO audit.

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SSL Certificate
Certificate What? Although it sounds complicated, this is easier than it sounds. The SSL certificate is the “HTTPS//:” that appears before your domain. Often, people use this certificate incorrectly. They install it, but the correct redirects are not performed. This creates a duplicate site.
The situation can get worse if your website handles many languages. Why? Because it can even triple or quadruple. Duplicate content affects the SEO of your website.
Images without ALT
Multimedia content is as important as text. It’s not just about finding the right keywords. It’s about knowing how to use them. One of the best practices is to place the alternative text to the images.
How to use ALT Text correctly? Easy. When you upload an image, add descriptive alt text. This helps improve your ranking by associating your images with relevant searches.
When you don’t place ALT attributes to your images, search engines consider the image unimportant. Thus, they do not rank it well. Also, don’t forget that users also search for images. Appearing well positioned can attract more traffic to your site.

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We are aware of the many variables that affect the success of a project. We are aware of the many variables that affect the success of a project. The success of your business will be determined by your niche. The competition. The quality of the material and SEO optimization. Otherwise, the last places in the search engines await you.
Since there are many factors at work, Boxmark Digital advises that you pay attention to every one of them. Be careful because the accumulation of several errors could jeopardize your project.
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