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5 Free Tools To Create Digital Content

Creating quality content is a must for any digital marketing strategy to work. It’s not about writing or selecting a random image. It’s about persuasion and creating a connection. That’s why we present 5 free tools to create digital content.
This publication is ideal for entrepreneurs who are about to launch their businesses. Also for those entrepreneurs who are looking to increase the sales volume of their business.
Without further ado, let’s take a look at the 5 free tools to create digital content and boost your brand.

5 Free Tools To Create Digital Content

Have you ever woken up with a million-dollar idea in your mind, but after a few seconds you forgot about it? So that this doesn’t happen to you and you have at hand all the ideas that could give you the success you want, we recommend using Trello.
This tool is ideal for writing down those ideas that come to mind. Whether it’s publications for your website or social networks, Trello has a board where you can organize your ideas. You can work on ideas by topic and rank them.
Feedly is the tool par excellence for content curation. With this powerful tool, you will be able to filter and organize by category the content that interests you.
With Feedly you will be able to read trends and news in your sector in the same place. It is also an excellent tool to increase the number of visits to a forgotten blog.

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The Best Tools To Create Digital Content

Impeccable writing is a great letter of introduction. No one wants to encounter spelling mistakes before making a buy. Would you trust a product with spelling mistakes? Of course, you wouldn’t.
With Grammarly you can cut the risk of making these mistakes. This powerful tool checks and corrects your texts. It also makes suggestions for synonyms and ways to improve sentences to make them easier to read.
Spelling mistakes won’t happen with Grammarly. It’s a must-have tool for content writers.
Content isn’t about writing persuasive copy. It’s also about engaging your audience with visually appealing content. Would you buy something if you don’t see an image of the product? Of course not. Right?
For you to design like a pro, Canva is your best friend. It’s a powerful tool capable of creating illustrations and images for your blog and publications.
It’s easy to use and very intuitive. Without a doubt, it’s a must-have tool for creating your own designs.
Answer The Public
We already have tools for creating text and images, but what must we talk about? To achieve a special connection with your audience, it is important that you address the right keywords.
With Answer The Public you can achieve an effective SEO strategy. How? By knowing specific information from a keyword you can generate content on a specific topic.
For example. If your audience wants to get a cleaning company for their offices, this tool will tell you what to talk about.

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