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Why your website is not ranking higher

Why your website is not ranking higher

When you create a website for your business, you want it to rank as high as possible. Likewise, you are expecting to get as many viewers and users as you can. For that matter, you design your website according to what you think might appeal to them. Then, you fill it with what you think is interesting content and keywords that most people might search the most. You put all your effort into the designing. However, at the end, you realize that it has done little for your website, and it does not seem to attract people’s eyes. It is known how important it is to stand out in such a crowded city like Chicago. If you are not achieving this goal, there is something not working right. This might happen because your web probably has some mistakes related to the user experience, content or design. Here, we will explain to you why your website is not ranking higher.

A disorganized webpage

Though you might have had a good intention designing your webpage by yourself, it wasn’t enough. Sometimes we think that the most information we include into our webpage, the better it is for the future users, since they will be able to see everything our company can offer.

Why your website is not ranking higher, one reason can lead to a disorganized structure. The more you try to put, the more cluttered it becomes.

Why your website is not ranking higher disorganized page

And users might get confused as to where to begin or where to go. Instead of helping them to get the information they look, it might distract them. Some studies have shown that when someone gets too many options, the human brain can get anxious and ended up not picking anything. You don’t want your website to have that impact on the users. Try to create well-structured menu options, and include the necessary information related to your industry.

A poor visual content

Another barrier that keeps your website from ranking higher is that you include outdated styling photography, or low-quality images or videos, and even illegible or mismatched typography. When a website seems to have a poor visual content, with even information that has not been updated in years, this raises distrust. And, let’s face it, everything is always changing, so you need to update your visual content to match with what the society is looking. Your website needs to be visually appealing, readable, so it can evoke a sense of trust. Sometimes some people might relate your visual content with the kind of products or services you offer, and decide to look for another one, more modern.

An overly minimalistic design

Why your website is not ranking higher overly minimalistic design

On the other hand, there might be some websites design that instead of being crowded with tons of information, it merely seems like an information void.

When you focus yourself into designing an overly minimalist landing page, with just one word and a single menu, it might result confusing for some people. Though the minimalistic style is on vogue, you always need to put the user’s experience first. Include the necessary information for them to know where to look. What you need them to do is to facilitate the things for them. 

While it might be interesting to design a webpage where people need to look at things for themselves, it can make you lose a great deal of visitors. People look for information, and they expect to find it as quickly as possible. Most of them won’t bother to look at your site if it is too hard for them, since they might be in a rush. So, choose the design wisely.

An incorrect optimization

Sometimes, you might design your webpage with a great structure and trustful information. But all this might be for nothing if you have not paid enough attention to a good SEO campaign. You need to realize that not because you have a website, it means it will rank well instantly. Some common mistakes you might do with SEO are that you only do SEO once and never re-optimize it again. Likewise, you might only focus on one aspect of SEO, and forget the rest. Or you just use outdated SEO practices and don’t bother on looking for the new trends each year brings. With a wrong optimization, it will bring you the wrong traffic, or not traffic at all. Furthermore, you can also begin ranking lower. So, always pay constant attention to SEO.

A duplicate content

It is necessary and paramount that you fill your website with content that is interesting and relevant. Therefore, content is important for the ranking of your website.

However, having the wrong type of content can become a site killer. Here, we are talking about duplicate content. Just imagine this situation for a brief moment: You create content and publish it on your website. 

Why your website is not ranking higher a duplicate content

But, then, you find out that your SEO juice is getting split between the page where you originally public the content and an unintended duplicate page. This will make your traffic split in both, and will harm your page. You will rank mediocre in both pages. And what you want is for one page to rank exceptionally. Likewise, Google, for example, might rank the wrong page accidentally because it wasn’t clear which one was the original. For these reasons, it is important that you always check up if you have any duplicate content. There are some good SEO companies that can find this content for you, and redirect the traffic to your original webpage.

A not mobile-friendly page

As it has been specified before, mobiles have become an indispensable tool for almost everyone in the whole world. When a person wants to look for information, they usually go to their cellphones instead of their laptops. This is the reason of the importance of having a mobile-friendly webpage. The lack of this fact usually appears in older sites. But if yours is one that is being running before the popularization of the cellphones, then, it is more likely that your website is not optimized for that tool. If this is what is happening to your website, your ranking will get affected by it. You need to think of a re-design. So, people will be able to enter easily to your site, and your rank will increase as it should.

Try for help if this happens

If you notice that you are making one of all the above mentioned mistakes, you need to think of a solution. In case you do not know how to improve your website, you could also get help from the local SEO Chicago company. They will be able to identify any errors, and update and optimize your website. You want to get more visitors, so you need to rank higher. To achieve this, you need to have a well-designed website.


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