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Common SEO Myths – Debunked Myths You Shouldn’t Believe In

On the internet you can find great secrets that will help you boost your brand. But, there is also false information that will only waste your time and money. So that you don’t fall into this trap, we reveal (and debunk) the 5 most common SEO myths.
Without further ado… Let’s get started!

3 Common SEO Myths

Myth 1: It’s easy and quick to reach the top of search results

On social media, you will find “gurus” who will sell you the idea that it is easy and fast to reach the top of the search results. Beware of these scammers because you will only lose time and surely, a lot of money.
An optimization, no matter how good it is, cannot produce great results in the short term. In content marketing, search engine optimization strategies need time to work and deliver results.
Part of the strategy will depend on the competition around the keywords you selected. Remember, the higher the demand, the more difficult it will be to position the keywords in the first place.
Thus, we recommend using long-tail keywords, since they are more specific and workable for the position. Also, they offer greater segmentation, reducing the number of competitors.
This strategy also does not show that you will position your keywords in a short time. It only allows you to compete with fewer businesses, thus the task will be less complicated.

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Myth 2: You will remain forever in a good position

Achieving a good position in search engines is synonymous with effort and perseverance. But, once you reach the top, this does not mean that the position will last forever.
You probably made great use of keywords and that’s why you are at the top. But, someone from the competition can improve the quality and SEO optimization of your article, which will make you lose the position.
Another aspect to take into account is the constant updating of your content. No user will like to read old and outdated information.
Thus it is important to constantly update your pages to get a good positioning.

Myth 3: Keywords are no longer so important

There are several myths, but none as absurd as the one that says that keywords are no longer relevant. To sell you their course or product, the various “marketing professionals” are capable of inventing things like this.
Years go by and keywords are still an indispensable part of the different digital marketing strategies. They are a fundamental element when it comes to Google analyzing your website and ranking it.
Google’s algorithm is getting smarter and smarter. Thus, when the user performs a search, the search engine delivers options related to the topic he is looking for.
In other words. The almighty Google has made the relationship between websites, search results and users more natural. But, without a doubt, keywords still have great relevance in this filter. So, do not hesitate to use them in your content.

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