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How to choose the right SEO Keywords

How to choose the right SEO Keywords

The importance of keywords in a SEO strategy is huge. These keywords are the words or phrases that you have in your web content. Why is so important? Because it is what makes it possible for people to find your site through search engines. So, it is one of the main elements of SEO. When you have a business with products or services to offer, you need to make yourself easy to find for your potential customers and clients. If you don’t choose the right keywords, then, your page might not appear in any search results, and people will land on other competitors’ website. Our SEO Services Chicago is aware of the fact that implementing keywords SEO will definitely help your site rank better and higher. Then, you need to pick right. Here is our advice on how to choose the right SEO Keywords to rank in Chicago.

Think like your customer

A mistake many businesses tend to make is that they think that they know what people want. That is, when they plan a marketing strategy, they will only listen to what they have to say, and don’t look outside their box. This can jeopardize your company, since it is the clients who look and buy your products or services.

What you need to do is to start thinking like them. Do not only focus on what you want, but what they are looking for. Sometimes you may have created a great catchy phrase to impulse in your website. But your potential clients tend to be more modest, and that is not bad. You need to think about how they will look for things, and so, incorporate those keywords into your content.

How to choose the right SEO Keywords think like your customer

Focus on your competition for a while

If you feel lost about keywords, you can perfectly seek the advice of SEO Services in Chicago . As they have been working in the market for many years, they will know who your competitors are, and what they are focusing on. Once you have the list of competitors, it is not bad to look at the keywords they are focusing. Likewise, you can find the keywords in their website content. You can search their pages for a while, to know what is working for them, and which words are they working on. This way you will know where to begin, which words to choose, and then, expand your ideas about keywords too.

Use a Keyword research tool

How to choose the right SEO Keywords use a keyword research tool

As we pointed out before, all SEO experts know how to seek for the right keywords. Another good way to search them is through some research tools that internet provides. There are some that work for free, for example SEMrush, that can help you know which keywords are ranking better, and you can shape your marketing campaign towards it.

Furthermore, you also have Google Ads keyword tool to search the words that are specifically targeted into your industry and geographical area. Once you have collected all this information, you can begin working in them, and improving your results day by day.

Give a chance to long tail keywords

It is usual that keywords that are shorter, or just consist of one to two words, perform better in a Chicago SEO marketing strategy. To put it bluntly: The shorter the word, the higher the search volumes are. But now let’s just give it a look to long tail keywords. What are they? They are a combination of three or more words, or they can also be phrases. As it was explained before, this can attract lower search volumes. However, it sometimes happens that these long keywords can attract you more relevant traffic. So, while it is important to get your rank higher, it will be useless if you cannot convert these views into clients. The long tail keywords can make that happen, since the public who do this search is more willing to become a customer. Likewise, these words are less competitive, so they will be easier to rank well. Then, it can be good for you to also include some long tail keywords into your SEO strategy.

Analyze the results

So, you have chosen the keywords you are going to use for that marketing campaign. Now, how to measure its success? You need to monitor it frequently and analyze the results. It may sometimes happen that some keywords might not be working, or there are new trendy keywords that you need to start working on right now. Whatever the situation is, you should always check your Chicago SEO marketing.

Plus, if you have a keyword, you need to constantly use it when the opportunity comes. Include it in your posts, social media, website content and more. If you forget to use it, it can be difficult for your keyword to be targeted by any search engines. These engines, like Google, will constantly look about the pages that meet their metrics the most. You want your business to be chosen. And keywords, if used right, can make that happen.

How to choose the right SEO Keywords analyze the results

Rely on the right Keywords!

How to choose the right SEO Keywords?. We have established that. You need to pick them right. Just imagine that you are working on a certain keyword that is not doing something for your website. It can mean a total waste of time. Then, try to follow our advice and choose wisely. A SEO Company in Chicago can also help you decide and choose the best ones. Ask for help if you need it. After all, it is all for the sake of your company.

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