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Why Search Intent Is Important For SEO

Why Search Intent Is Important For SEO

You already know how important is SEO to get more traffic to your website. It is when you rank high on a search engine like Google, that you can attract more people to your site. Thus, this will transform into sales and more visitors, since your business will increase its visibility. In order to achieve this, you need to think about search intent. Chicago is such a big city, with so many people, that knowing how to optimize your webpage to attract most of them is one of your prime goals. Here, we want to show you why search intent is important for SEO.

First, what is search intent?

This new term is used to describe the purpose a person has to do an online search. In more simple words, it means why someone does a specific search, and what they want to achieve or get with that. It is important to remember that if someone is looking for something on the internet, there is a reason behind it. This person wants to find an answer or solution to their question.

So, it is important that you know your public target to adapt your content towards them. When you do a Why Search Intent Is Important For SEO, you will find what is missing and what you should change or adapt to fit their searches. In that matter, there are many types of search intent you should be aware of, but the most co mmon ones are the following:

Why Search Intent Is Important For SEO what is it
  • Informational intent

This type of search is for people that are looking for information about any topic. For instance, let’s say that this person wants to know about the weather, or a certain recipe. The chances are huge. But they want to inform themselves about this. So, they have specific questions about it, and they want an answer from any page they find.

  • Navigational intent

In contrast with the other type of search intent, where the site of the information does not really matter that much, navigational intent is when people look for a specific website. Most of them usually know the webpage they want to find, so they type that into the search engines. Here is where you need to make sure that your site can be found by someone just by typing your company’s name.

  • Transactional intent

With this type of search intent, people will look to buy stuff online, so they look for the best purchase there. They begin a search on the internet with the clear purpose of buying something at that moment. Then, we can say that they are the ones that will probably really buy something, since they are sure about what they need. They are only looking for the right product page.

  • Commercial investigation

This one is related to the previous one, but it is a little slower. While this type of people wants to buy something, they won’t do it right away. What they do first is to research on the internet about all the pages that offer the product or services. This is in order to find the best one. Once they have researched everything, they will come back in some time to buy something.

Optimize your content for search intent

Why Search Intent Is Important For SEO optimize your content

As you can see, there are many types of search intent, and all of them matter. Your webpage should be prepared to deal with the searches that matches your clients. So, with a proper SEO Audit In Chicago, you know what to optimize your content. It is important to really know your public target.

For example, if you know your audience is just one that is first looking for information, but you show them a product page, they might get away from your page to look for another one. 

Or, on the other side, if someone is eager to buy something, but they land on a long post about a topic, they will get discourage and keep searching for another site. So, you need to make sure that your site matches your type of client. Research the market and find what they are looking the most, so that, they can have a great user experience.

The big importance of search intent!

Search intent is key for a good development of your website. For your site to grow, you need to get more users, and they will click on your page, if they know they will find what they are looking for. Make sure you know your client and their needs. And shape your website into that. Likewise, be aware that the market can change very fast, Why Search Intent Is Important For SEO
so be ready to adapt your content, if that is the case.

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