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How Does Google Consider Links?

How does Google consider links? You don’t know? Relax. If you don’t know how the king of search engines classifies links, here we tell you all about it.
To position a website in the first place you have to take into account two aspects. What we can do to improve the website? Here we can find titles, content quality, loading speed, etc. And, on the other hand, what others say about us. How is that represented? Exactly! Through links.
Within the links, there is a part that we control. Which one? The internal linking. Those links in our own website like the menu, the links between pages and articles, etc.
The number of links and the quality of these links is one of the most important SEO factors for Google to give visibility. In other words, so that you can rank well in the SERPs.
To achieve this goal, you will need a good link-building strategy. What is link building? It’s easy. It is a series of techniques to get links from other websites to yours. Whether they link to your home or internal pages.
We recommend our clients to get links both to the home page and to the page of the services you are offering. For example, if you sell custom t-shirts on Bridgeview, link to both your home page and the service page.

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How does Google consider links?

Why does Google care so much about links? Because this way the king of search engines can identify if your content is of quality. If you are linked to quality pages and related topics, you will climb positions. We guarantee it. But, not every link is good. Before you let go and go link hunting, check how Google ranks them.
Ignored link: If the site has no relevance, it is a no-follow link. Always remember to maintain the quality of the links. Otherwise, you will lose positioning without realizing it. And not only that, you will lose authority.
Negative link: Linking to a penalized or constantly violating site is a very bad idea. Google will not like this. Do not abuse and repeat many pages of the same anchor text. Remember that Google notices everything. If your link does not look natural, it will not rank better.
The more links you have in this category, the more arguments Google will have to penalize you. We don’t want this, do we?
Positive link: These are the ones we should always get. These links are the ones that come from reputable sites. Remember. The links must be natural. The more links there are in this category, the faster you will position your page in the first place.

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With all this, Google calculates the percentage of links. And, based on the competition, gives weight to your website.
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