Why is Hospitality Service Marketing Important?

For our business today, it is essential to have a solid marketing strategy that allows us to build and position our brand.

What is necessary is to attract new potential customers, and also make regular customers loyal to our brand.

In other words, it is essential to develop loyalty to our products. Therefore, resources and time are dedicated to creating brand awareness through campaigns.

Now, an industry that has a unique challenge to understand the importance of marketing is the hotel industry. These service companies need to get ahead and stand out in the current market.

Selling “hospitality” is very different from offering any product. since these are usually “intangible products”, that is, they are services instead of goods. Success depends then on creating in the consumer a feeling of satisfaction and desire.

In that sense, and because the hotel industry is mainly composed of services and tourism, it is essential to create a consistent brand identity.

It is for this reason that we, the marketing specialists, focus on the existence of brand recognition

so that your customers want to use your services over and over again. Then, new clients must be obtained, and in turn, maintain relationships with previous clients.


Hotel companies use several different methods to make the marketing process successful.

Among the strategies we have are:

The investigation

All customers choose the hotels according to their amenities and packages they offer. Our role as marketing specialists is to identify and show what are all those factors that make customers choose your hospitality service; For this you need a thorough investigation.


If the client does not know how wonderful your service is, he / she will not buy it. In this sense, it is when “brand awareness” is generated. As specialists we make sure that all information about your hotel, resort and service is easy to find.

The promotion

This is a very smart strategy that seeks to attract new customers. It is about offering incentives during strategic times of the year in order to obtain more clients.

It is very important to maintain good relationships with your regular customers. Since these will promote your service “mouth to mouth”, and in their social networks. In addition, they will create a stable income base.

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