Why is it important for businesses to rank on Google search?

Why is it important for businesses to rank on Google search?

If you can’t make your website visible in the first page of the relevant keyword searches, you might not get any traffic from the search engines. So, being Google the most widely used search engine on the planet. It is the biggest area of opportunity for inbound marketers. Digital marketing services in Chicago and everywhere know this. So, find out if it is important for businesses to rank on Google search.

But, first of… How did Google become into the most widely used search engine?

googleGoogle was founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page, who were two students at Stanford University. Their goal was to create a search engine that focused on the relationships among websites. And with this new idea of how this engine should work, the company was officially launched in 1996. It quickly became popular and with an initial support from some investors, it went public in 2004.

Google’s main focus on the satisfaction of the user is what turned it into the big success we know today. Their main goal is to keep their users happy, so that they can become loyal consumers of the platform and recommend it to their family, friends and acquaintances.

So, being Google the dominant search engine on the planet, we should expect that businesses use this platform to reach their target clients. The internet is constantly growing and more and more webpages are being created. Thus, it is a must for a business to trust this search engine and start using it.

Here is why it is important for businesses to rank on Google search

importance for business to rank on Google search

It expands opportunities for your business

Google results are based on a number of issues like site speed, backlinks, bounce rate, and a host of other factors. So, if you can reach the top of the first page of Google results, it can be really good for your business.

It is important for businesses to rank on Google search. It increases business authenticity

This not only boosts your business’s ability to generate traffic and leads, but it also increases the degree to which your audience sees your business as authentic. So, this is essential if you’re just starting your business.

It creates an image for your business

In order to give your business a respectable image among the potential clients and the competitors, you will feel the pressure to make your website rank among the first ten web results.

The top position gets more traffic

The picture is the same with other search engines including Google. If your website becomes visible on to. Then, this would mean more authenticity and trust. These are just obvious elements for more leads and traffic.

The reduced costs are important for businesses to rank on Google search

You should know that top SERP positions can reduce your advertising costs effectively. Also, it has significant impacts on your social media marketing. But, one problem with search engine marketing is that you may not get the results immediately. So, you could hire marketing services in Chicago or anywhere to make sure that you stay on the top!

Here is how you can make your business rank high on Google search

As said before, it is important to rank your business on Google search. The question now will be how you can achieve that. What media you can use to have your business’ webpage rank higher on Google search?

This is where we, as Boxmark, come to action. With our Web Design Company Chicago, we offer you a website with an excellent image, content and structure. Not only will help you increase your incomes, but also will help you rank on Google search in higher positions.

design web for business to rank on Google searchWe understand what Google cares and focuses when delivering the most relevant content on the web for the users. And we apply it into our work and effort to your page. Our Chicago Web Design Firm also knows the importance of SEO, and we use it into your SEO campaign successfully. It is essential for any business, and we are aware of that. Boxmark can help you create a website friendly to your consumers, and be relevant on Google search!

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