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Why Have A Mobile-Optimized Website?

Why have a mobile-optimized website? There are many benefits that support the action of optimizing a website for cell phones. Nowadays, about 80% of users access the Internet through a cell phone. Is that not enough?
The specialized SEO platform, Sistrix, reported that smartphone searches show a continuous increase. Meanwhile, Google queries from computers or laptops show a marked stagnation.
With these two influential facts in mind, the question changes: Why not have a mobile-optimized website?
Currently, despite these powerful data, there are companies that have not adapted their websites for mobile. By not doing so, they miss out on a huge conversion opportunity. Also, they are causing short to medium-term problems for their business.

Why have a mobile-optimized website?

There are several compelling reasons for companies to optimize their websites for mobile devices. But none as relevant as Google.
That’s right. The all-powerful and the world’s leading search engine wants to offer the best user experience. And how will it do that? By ensuring that all content is adapted to all types of devices.

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For some time Google has been prioritizing responsive pages. What is this? It is one that is able to adapt to any device where it is displayed.
If the site is not adapted for mobile, it is less likely to appear among the first results when the search is performed from this type of device. This means that the competition can benefit if they have adapted their website for mobiles and your company has not.

What are the advantages of having a mobile-friendly website?

  • Improved SEO
  • Increases conversion rate and revenue for the company
  • Improve user experience
  • Reduces costs and maintenance
  • Faster site loading
  • Improve web analytics

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