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What is a Website SEO Audit and why you want one ASAP

One of our premium services is the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Audit we do for free in the Chicago area, but one of the main things we get asked is how and why a SEO Audit is in any way important, and most of all, what in the world is a website audit.

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What in the world is SEO?

Why have a SEO Audit

 So, let’s begin from the start: what is a Free SEO audit? Well, in the simplest terms a site audit is the process of evaluating how good a website is in its ability to be found via the search engines people use to find their topic.

For example, in an audit we evaluate the main things your website aims to offer to your audience and how that audience looks for them in the search engines. We then compare that to how your page ranks in a regular search… and that’s the quid of the question, right? You WANT to be the first and the most visible answer to the question your clients have.

Now, that’s why you want to audit your website. 
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But, do you really need a Marketing Agency to do that?

Well, that’s the thing! The explanation we just gave is grossly oversimplified, and moreover, if there is a problem you need to identify it, and the reality is that nobody has idea of how SEO works for sure. Marketing agencies make it their expertice to have tried ways to influence the search engines in a way that is the most fruitful and durable for the site.
You should cho

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The Value of a SEO Audit

 And… Durable?

Yeah, that’s right. In the internet, everything is constantly moving and people find exploits to make their sites rank up that are obviously fixed when detected. They are good for a one time boost, but as an agency our comitment is to work for a site that ranks up in the search engines in an armonic way (organic we call it).

Because all of these reasons, having your website Audited by a SEO management agency is important, and more than anything is a necessity for all internet-based business that are looking to stay in their client’s sights for a long time.
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Why is SEO important