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What Type Of Website Design Is The Right One For My Business?

What Type Of Website Design Is The Right One For My Business?

Having a website is essential nowadays for any business that seeks for more recognition on the internet. For example, a small business website will improve their chances to get more recognition and increase its sales. However, this does not mean that you just need a website no matter how it is constructed. As long as it is there, it’s fine for you.

That’s a wrong misconception. Because having a poorly designed website will damage your brand and business for sure. So, you need to be aware of what type of website design is the right one for your business. You need to make sure it will bring advantages rather than disadvantages to your services or products.

The importance of choosing right

We are ruled by what we see at first. So, first impressions do really matter in this world. It may sound repetitive, but the way you present your business website to the world, will set your brand’s line towards good or bad comments.

So, you need to be aware of how you are introducing. You have to get a strong web presence for your brand. You also need to impress the users to make them want to invest or buy your products or services. Having a good SEO Web Design Company helping you achieve this will make a difference between what you have to offer and what others do.

What Type Of Website Design Is The Right One

How to choose a good design?

Now that we established the importance of a good website design, you need to start thinking which will work the best for your business. There are many kinds of business. And depending on which one you are oriented; you will need a specific web design for it. This may sound difficult to choose. But the proper guide from experts on the field can help you ease the burden.

a good website design for our business

For example, in Chicago, we offer you our services through our SEO Web Design Company. We can help you build a solid SEO web design structure and campaign that can have functionality for your customers.

Our Web Design Company Chicago will help you position your business on the internet and rank higher on the searches. We know what design suits you depend on the type of brand and market you are competing into.

Key factors to take into consideration

Now that we have talked about choosing the right web design company, you need to be aware of what they can offer you to choose right. Any good professional content creator will always take into consideration your thoughts and decisions before even start to design a website.

In that matter, they will let you know all the options you have. Here we are talking about the types of webpages, the different web platforms and what industries they work on.

What Type Of Website Design Is The Right One For My Business key factors

These can set the path on whether you should consider working with them. Your opinion, as the business owner, will always matter. So, pay attention when asking for this information of the web design company. Here we will expand a little into this matter.

Types of webpages

As said before, you cannot begin the design of your website just because you want to have one. You need to take into consideration the reason why you are doing it. Why do we mean by that? Well, depending on your website’s goal, it will depend on what type of webpage you choose. There are many types of websites, each of them with certain characteristics.

  • Homepages: This serves as the main site and face for your brand. Keep in mind that this is the one that most business require, because most people get to your brand through the homepage. So, the design needs to be on point. Make it creative and easy to access for any user, and use a good color palette, logo, and images relevant to the business.
  • Online stores: If you are looking to sell products or services, this is the webpage you need. But, remember that this type of page will focus on selling products or services from a wide variety of brands and business. It has a navigation menu set for that, so it can help the users find what they want quickly. The product website has become very popular specially in these days, so this websites need to be customer-friendly.
  • E-commerce: This website has the same functions and characteristics as an online store. The difference lies in that they are sponsored by one brand in particular. This e-commerce website only works to advertise and sell their product and service.
  • Blogs: This type of website is usually run by a blogger, but more business have seen to take this idea and apply it into their marketing campaign. If you are looking to give regular information about a specific topic, this is what you need to choose. They give texts along with videos or images that inform about something. From time to time, you can advertise the product or service you have, and as your followers are already familiarized with you, it can be a more organic way to sell a product.
  • Portfolio: This is made to showcase whatever you work in. This works perfectly for creative professionals who are looking to expose their job, such as paintings, videos, furniture, etc. You can also include a short description about your person to let people know who you are and what is your job.

Types of platforms

what type of website design is the right one for my business platforms

A website platform is the technology that makes your website work. That is why it is so important to have a good platform, that you can understand.

Even, the web design company you are working with need to have this clearly explained, so you know with what tools your website is being design. There are a few more known:

  • WordPress: This is one of the most influential platforms there exists. As it is available in many languages, many businesses in different parts of the world can use it. The WordPress Web Design is easy to use and comes with a lot of customization options.
  • Joomla: This allows you to create websites in a small amount of time. It is very easy to use, and you do not require a lot of technical knowledge.
  • Wix: This is another amazing option to create a personal website. It lets you create blog sections as well as online stores. It comes with many features to choose, and you can pick from different templates, which you can work afterwards according to what you want in your website.
  • Weebly: With this platform you can create a well-design website quickly. A great advantage is that it has an “app store” which allow you to add new functions to your website.
  • Jimdo: For a beginner, this is an excellent option to choose. It enables you to create a website easily. It can work for any type of business. Likewise, if you have chosen a template, but you want to change it afterwards, you can totally do it. None of your previous information will be lost.

The industries they work with

After you have decided the type of webpage you need, and the type of platform does your website company work with, you need to pay special attention if they work with the industry you belong to. It can be a great web design company, but they are not used to work with your industry. You need to choose a website design company that works with a variety of industries, and have experience in doing it so.

These are the different types of industries you can find with its specific web design:

  • Automotive website design: This industry covers a wide range of companies that are involved in the design, development and more of motor vehicles. As it is one of the world’s most important economic sectors by revenue, it is important that your website is well-designed. So, it can compete in the industry and get more clients.
  • Beauty website design: The beauty or cosmetic industry involves the manufacturing and distribution of cosmetic products. But not only that, it also involves the provision of services. If you have started a beauty company and want to expand your business, keep in mind to design an attracting website. It needs to be as pretty as the service you are offering.
  • Contractors website design: In this industry, everything related to constructions is what makes part of it. It is for sure a highly competitive industry, given that everyone is the look of designing new buildings for their own business or houses. Everyday people are looking for construction companies or contractors through the internet, and you should appear at the top of the results. With a good SEO website design, you’ll get it.
  • Home services website design: This industry constitutes business whose main purpose is working on residential homes as well as commercial business. It includes all kind of services such as plumbing, flooring, concrete, storage services, etc. And all these services should be included in your website, so any person looking for a reliable company on the internet will choose your business.
  • Hospitality website design: A hospitality service includes the professional organization of events and exhibitions of restaurants, hotels, schools, etc. What your website needs to achieve is to give a trustworthy image. Since “hospitality” is an intangible product, your webpage needs to be full of positive reviews about your service.
  • Entertainment website design: This industry comes along with the entertainment marketing in charge of events in theatrical production, radio or television program, brand-new movie, etc. This is very competitive market, so your website needs to be very well-design. These specialists need to focus your website to be open to the social networks.
  • Legal website design: Legal service has grown a lot in these days. And since the competence is increasing, lawyers need to find a new way to promote their services. That is through a well-designed web page. A good website platform will include all the services in a friendly way, so the potential clients get to trust your site.
  • Financial website design: These are related to the economic services provided by the finance industry, which involves people and corporations. As it is an industry that involves money, the website needs to give a trustworthy aspect. Clients must rely on it and the services it is offering.
  • Real estate website design: It involves all the land or buildings, which relates to property, plant and equipment. It is essential to have a website if you wish to expand your business. Many people are using the internet to verify and find a property. And you need to keep it up with that. So, this industry website needs to offer the product, and all the information needed for the customers to take a decision and buy it.

Therefore, a good design will depend on many factors. These factors may include the product or service you are offering, the kind of customers you are targeting, the marketplace you wish to start and so on. You need to have all these in mind when starting your website to have success. And relying on a good web design company will help with this task.