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5 Best Free SEO Audit Tools

The 5 Best Free SEO Audit Tools

As a marketing company in Chicago, our team is aware that a constante SEO audit of your business website is not only something you want but a necessity for any business that’s based on the internet and wants to take care of it’s SEO status.  That is why today we bring to you a ranking of the 5 best free SEO audit tools, so that you can always be on top of your competition. Let’s get to it!

Best SEO tools
SEO audit tools

One limited freemium service is Ahrefs, that among other free functionalities offers a Site Audit tool that discorvers problems with your site and analyces a way to fix them.
With Ahrefs Websmaster Tools you get free acces to it’s Site Explorer and Site Audit tools,but for the rest you have to pay.
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GTmetrix is a performance analysis and reporting tool that focuses in technical issues affecting site speed and user experiencie, two of the more important factors Google takes into account to position your page. 
It’s strong free version let’s you monitor up to 3 URLs and work over them with a lot of freedom.

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PowerSuite is a downloadable suite of tools that makes it easy for you to be able to have all your SEO needs in one place, that’s also very generous in it’s free version and has a moderated premium price. Great for working with a team or on a budget. 

The only truly and completely free, and professional tool is obviously presented by Google. The giant has a powerful service more than a tool, that allows you to easily monitor your presence in Google searches. It is actually surprisingly complete and useful.

To us there’s no best service for SEO purposes than SEMrush. It’s one of the more long-lived set of tools and to this day is the one that best understands the needs of all the people that work and live facing the SEO side of the internet. It is free up to 100 pages a month, but the premium service can be quite expensive for small businesess. 

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We can’t talk of truly completely free tools. That’s the catch, this are elements made for professionals, by professionals, and is only fair we pay them. That said, there are quite a few of the best SEO Audit Tools that we use for free in a limited function. 
Now, with the free options available to us, we have to put on the effort to make them work for our particular business.

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