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The Ultimate Guide to Business Blogging

The Ultimate Guide to Business Blogging

Any good SEO services  is aware of the importance of business blogging. Once you decided to start a blog, or the SEO service has offered you to do it, you have made the right choice. Having a blog has several benefits for your company, for example, a higher conversion rate. So, yes, blogging is well worth the investment in Chicago and elsewhere. Though, if you are new in all this area, you might be wondering how or where to begin. You might be lost about what things to prioritize when blogging, or similar. Follow the Ultimate Guide to Business Blogging, and learn how to do it correctly.

Choose what to post

As you have heard about the business blogging benefits, you are anxious to get them. So, you might start posting blogs without thinking too much on its content.

You just write things that have not been properly researched, edited or planned. This kind of content will for sure sucks. But you might be thinking: Well, perhaps my audience won’t notice it. And that can be true, but search engines can tell the difference of a good content and one that is completely irrelevant. Do not just write for the matter of doing it. 


Post relevant content that targets your audience, and is relevant to the business you have. Try to connect with your possible clients through it. Address their problems and interests with interesting themes. After months of posting, perhaps you are running out of ideas about what to write. If that happens to you, some common blog themes are about “best practices, tips/hacks about something, how to´s and guides, when to do things, and more.

Likewise, content is important, but it is not the only thing you need to look up. Your post also needs to look good. To achieve that, you can use quality photos, and organize it clear and precise. Make your post easy to digest.

Set smart goals for your business blogging

With a well-designed blog, you can attract many views from people. And these views can become customers as well. So, as in any other marketing campaign, you need to have your goals set and clear. First, they need to be specific, because you need to be sure you can achieve them. Sometimes it is more important for your business to increase its rate. But there are other goals, like building brand awareness, or establishing your business as a prime leader. According to your goal, you will direct your content towards it.

How does SEM work

Second, your goals need to be measurable. Once you begin posting, you need to make sure that you are achieving these goals. You can do it through the daily website traffic, social shares and email subscribers.

This is how you know whether your audience is engaging with the type of content, or you need to adjust it a little. Third, you need to set yourself attainable goals. It is ok to want the greatness for your business and blog, but it can be dangerous for your company. You can grow with good real goals and advice. 

If your goals are too high to reach, your business can be affected by it. For example, a good SEO services will help you set and achieve your goals with good posts. You can do it step by step to ensure that it last for a long time.

Schedule and manage your content

The Ultimate Guide to Business Blogging schedule

As you might be aware, with everything you post into the web, you need to be constant. This is if you want people to give an opportunity to your company and also to start relying on you. It goes the same with your blog.

You need to post consistently and update your content on a regular basis. This will make people keep a track on what you are doing, and relying on the information you post. One tip our SEO Firm gives you is to create a content calendar. It might be sometimes a little difficult to know when to post if you don’t know when was the last time you did it. Or what to post, you could be repeating the same topic of a previous post. 

A content calendar can help you know what you want to post, when you want to post, and what you need to make that happen. It will help you a lot with the organization of your blog. Furthermore, the content information will vary a lot, and can be really innovative.

Stick with the latest events

If there is something people are always looking on the internet is for information about the latest world events. They need information on how to deal with certain things, and how it can affect their businesses. When they look for a blog on the internet, they want it to show how to solve their problems. So, this means that your blog needs to be on trend, too. You need to be constantly checking on the news and adapting your content to fit the current status.

Our technical SEO Consultants firmly believe that this is a way to show that your company is not old, but keeps renewing themselves. You can post things like how to create new strategies, things you know people might be interested. Learn what kind of audience you have and which audience you want to reach, and implement these new changes.

Update to the current SEO

So, you’ve had your blog for a couple of months now, and you’ve been posting there frequently under a well-planned schedule. You may be wondering: What now?
Remember that although this post is called the ultimate guide to business blogging remember that each case is specific and there will never be a definitive guide but I can advise you to take a much safer path.

Well, it never hurts to perform an SEO Audit to check how is your site, what you could have implemented on it and what you are missing now. We have already established before how everything is always changing and evolving. The internet we have today is not the same as it was a couple of months ago. 


The same applies to SEO. It is always a good idea to monitor the setting of your website under the current SEO standards. And that includes your blog as well. Perhaps you’ve been writing some posts using certain keywords that used to work well. But it happens that this keyword stuffing tends to shift. Then, that means that it is time to make some changes. You need to look for what is trending in SEO and optimized all your content in your blog, like meta titles, meta tags, and headers, too.

Nevertheless, you need to be careful with this. Do not change everything and over-optimized it from one day to another. This could affect your ranking. It is better to take some time and do it post by post.

Keep an eye on the analytics

A good way to know whether the things you are implementing in your website are working is through a SEO Audit¿ to check all the analytics. With this, you will be able to know what to highlight in your blog posts, or if you are heading them into the right way. When you create a blog, it is not just a matter of posting there and leave it like that. You need to watch out for analytics. In this way, you can bring data about the things you are doing and if they are working. You will be able to improve your own site.

Likewise, as we said, there are new trends that are going on the internet about your blog content. You can try with one of these trends. Then, you go to your analytics, check if it is working, and decide upon on it. It is always a good idea to implement new things, but at the same time make sure they are working, or if it is better to look in some other direction.

Marketing does matter too!

To create a post and begin blogging regularly is not the only you need to focus. Once you have published your post, the real work of making it known begins. Your post might have excellent information with great images and excellent format, but without the proper marketing, nobody will see it. So, after you publish your post, you should begin sharing and promoting it in all your social channels. In these places, you might get new readers that can turn into clients. This was the ultimate guide to business blogging.

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