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Tips for an Excellent SEO-Friendly Blog Post

Tips for an Excellent SEO-Friendly Blog Post

Blog posts have proven to be an important part for a SEO strategy, if used and applied well. And writing these posts require certain skills. Perhaps you might think that you only need a topic, your selected keywords, and that it’s. Anyone can write a post and stuff it with keywords so “it can attract as many people as it can”. Actually, if you over-use keywords, it can affect the readability of your text. Plus, Google can also notice this, and it can affect negatively your rankings. It sometimes happens that when SEO audit Chicago is done, bad blog posts have been the source of some bad raking. You need your blog to be interesting and enjoyable, so the reader is also interested. And when this happens, people will share it with others. This can increase your rankings, especially in a city like Chicago , where many people are constantly looking for information. Then, you need to improve your writing skills. Here are some tips for an excellent SEO-friendly blog post.

1. Think before you write

This aspect is key to many things, but specially for writing. When you begin to write something, you need to have a clear direction. What will be the main idea of your post? What is it that you want your readers to feel when reading it? Which effect do you expect from the post to the readers?

You might have all the answers in your head. But for a better organization, you should better write them down. Then, you won’t deviate from the main purpose of the article, and you will know what to add, and what not to put into it.

Tips for an Excellent SEO Friendly Blog Post think before you write

2. Plan a structure for your post

Now that you have think of the purpose and main topic of what you are going to write, you need to also plan carefully the structure of it. For people to understand it, the post needs to have a clear structure. Just take, for example, that you want to build a house. You won’t start by decorating the room if there are no walls to protect them. It can be a whole mess. Something similar happens to your blog post. It is essential for it to have at least some sort of introduction (to introduce the topic), a body (to write the main message and ideas), and a conclusion (to wrap up everything). With this clear structure, people might be able to understand what you are trying to say.

3. Use paragraphs and headings

Tips for an Excellent SEO Friendly Blog Post use paragraphs and headings

When writing a post, you cannot just write one single paragraph for the whole thing. Or on the other hand. You cannot start each new sentence in a new line just because it looks better. This is not how a good writing looks. Paragraphs exist to organize your ideas better, and to give the text a more readable function. Each paragraph has a main idea to discuss.

Likewise, when you use proper headings, the reader will know what the topic of the part is. They will be able to figure out where is the information they are more interested. Furthermore, headings are also good for SEO. When your post has clear headings, it will fit into SEO demands, which means your text can rank higher too.

4. Pick related keywords

As it was mentioned earlier, some people tend to stuff their posts with keywords, just because it seems like it will help you rank higher. However, when this happens, it can make your post less attractive to read, and less functional too. The use of keywords doesn’t mean that each sentence or paragraph should have one. You need to use only related keywords to the topic you are writing, and in key positions. Likewise, it is sometimes better to also consider using synonyms to the focus key phrase. Google also recognizes them, and it can be good for your overall text.

5. Use transition words

You may have your ideas set and the structure already planned. Now you begin to write all you think is important for the post. But it may sometimes happen that some sentences or paragraphs still lack of something to look at it as a readable text. And those are the transition words.

Words like ‘likewise’, ‘furthermore’, ‘for example’, or however’ is a good way to transition from ideas. Your readers might get a better idea what they are reading about, and it will add even more structure to your text. So, try to include them on your whole post.

Tips for an Excellent SEO Friendly Blog Post use transition words

Blog posts are important too!

As you may notice with an appropriate SEO audit in Chicago, your webpage might not sometimes rank well because of a bad written post. These blogs are important since you can build an image to your business. So, if they are well-written, people will share it, and your page will become more known. Don’t take for granted your posts, and let anyone write it. It is better to trust this task to someone who really know how to write interesting, enjoyable and well-structured posts.

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