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Duplicate content can hurt your rankings

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Duplicate content can hurt your rankings. At the very least, search engines don’t know which page to recommend to the user. Therefore, any page that these search engines consider to be duplicates risk ranking lower. This is the best case. If your duplicate content problem is severe, for example, if your content is very sparse and combined with verbatim copying, you may even face manual action from Google for trying to deceive users. So if you want your content to rank, it’s important to ensure that each page offers a fair amount of unique content.

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Duplicate content can hurt your rankings

Duplicate content can have a bad impact on traffic and rankings. Depending on the keywords you create, one or more of your sites might have ranked higher but can have it’s traffic and attention diverted. All those years of hard work that didn’t paid off. Maybe even one day you wake up and check your website rankings, but you can’t find them on Google.

However, the problem is the lack of understanding. How does it affect search rankings on Google? Why avoid duplicate content whenever possible? Why do SEO agencies go to great lengths to ensure content is always unique and informative? All of these are legitimate questions that need to be answered in order to fully understand how duplicate content affects SEO.

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Fortunately, there are many digital marketing strategies you can use to keep tabs on various digital marketing metrics and trends. For example, a the many digital marketing chicago specialists might look at various metrics to make sure a piece of content is getting the right amount of traffic, it’s unique and it’s attracting the right attention from Google. If it is rich in content but has little traffic, there is likely to be duplicate content. Startup owners are better off researching necessary keywords and key content before writing a blog or article for their website and letting the professionals handling things from there.