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Why is search engine optimization important?

Why Is Search Engine Optimization Important

We can place the origin of SEO in 1994 with the birth of Web Crawler, the first bot aimed at indexing Web content. Here starts the question Why Is Search Engine Optimization Important?

With the arrival of Google in 1996, the success of search engines was born and the importance of web traffic increased. This is why Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important processes in the development and positioning of a web page.
It was in 2001 when the Seo began to gain strength. Especially in the links as a fundamental factor to obtain better results in the rankings and improve the pagerank.

Internet pages are vital for both physical and virtual businesses. That is because the public uses this medium as the first and often the only resource to buy and/or hire a service or product. It is through them that you can increase the recognition of a brand. And most importantly, increase sales which is the main objective.
To understand why search engine optimization is important? We must focus on:

Why Is seo Important

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What is Authority?

Authority is basically the popularity of a website. The more popular it is the more important/valuable your information becomes. This factor is what a search engine takes into account the most. The more the content is shared, the more useful it is considered to have been to the users who applied a search.

What is Relevance?

Relevance is the relationship that a page has to a given search. This is not simply that a page contains a lot of times the searched term. A search engine relies on hundreds of on-site factors to determine this.

Why Is Optimization Important for business


A search engine crawls the web with what are called bots. These crawl all the pages through the links. Highlighting the importance of a good link structure, this brings us closer to the question: Why is search engine optimization important?

.Just as any user would do when browsing Web content. They move from one link to another and collect data about those Web pages. That they provide to their servers.

The crawling process starts with a list of web addresses from previous crawls. It uses sitemaps provided by other web pages. Once they access this website, the bots look for links to other sites to visit. Bots are especially attracted to new sites and to changes in existing sites. That is why it is important to keep up to date with changes to your website.

It is the bots themselves that decide which pages to visit. How often and how long they will crawl that site. It is important to have an optimal loading time and updated content.

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Optimize to be relevant
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Once a bot has crawled a website and collected the necessary information, these pages are included in an index. There they are sorted according to their content, authority and relevance. This makes it much easier for the search engine to show us the results.  That are most relevant to our search when we make a query.

In the beginning, search engines were based on the number of times a word was repeated. They would crawl their index to find which pages had them in their texts. They ranked better the one that had it repeated the most times. Nowadays they are more sophisticated and base their indexes on hundreds of different aspects. Aspects such as: date of publication, if they contain images, micro formats, etc. Now they give more priority to the quality of the content.

Once the pages are crawled and indexed, it is time for the algorithm to act. Algorithms are the computer processes that decide which pages appear before or after in the search results. This algorithms check the indexes. So they will know which pages are the most relevant taking into account the hundreds of ranking factors. And all this happens in a matter of milliseconds.

All this explains little by little why search engine optimization is important. But there is still more.
It is very common that a website needs to restrict the crawling of some pages or certain content to prevent them from appearing in search results. This can be done by telling the search engine bots not to crawl certain pages. Bots are fundamental in all these equations.

This is how search engine optimization works. Marketing services have explained how these great websites appear at the top of the list of options. The answer lies in just three acronyms: SEO. 

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The importance of SEO

SEO is absolutely necessary for your business, search intent is very important for SEO.
Users are more likely to click on the top 5 choices than the answers at the bottom of the search engine. That’s why you need your website to appear among the first options. This simple but important reason is one of the clearest answers to why search engine optimization is important.
Keep in mind that having a presence in the top 5 positions will significantly increase website trust.
The usability of a user experience within the website is given by SEO. It also helps the social promotion of your website. If a person finds your website through Google, for example, they are more likely to promote it on social networks such as Facebook.
SEO can indisputably put your business ahead of your closest competition. That is, the more optimized the website, the more customers; the more customer generation, the more sales. It is very important to be updating and removing content from your website. 


In other words, SEO directly impacts the buying cycle by improving visibility and getting much-needed potential customers to find the answer to their requests.
One important thing to keep in mind is that the investment is relatively inexpensive. The benefits, in turn, will be significant in terms of brand positioning and, of course, economic benefit.
Definitely, Search Engine Optimization ensures that a web page has the correct structure and complies with the requested requirements,.So that search engines can process the information and content of your Internet page qualifying it as well optimized and showing it among the first results of an organic search.

Seo Strategy

SEO is integrated into the business and communication strategy of the company/institution. Good positions alone are worthless if they do not contribute anything to the business objectives. This is, therefore, the need to integrate the SEO strategy via SEO Services in Chicago. There are many ways to build a website, but it is important that the structure is well optimized for SEO from the beginning.

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