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Which SEO Strategies Are Risk Taking And Which Aren’t?

Which SEO Strategies Are Risk Taking And Which Aren’t?

Many people have seen to figure out the importance of SEO in their businesses. However, as it important as it is, for people who are not familiar with this technique, it can be hard to understand the value of true SEO. Just imagine you have a business in Chicago, and you want it to start having a strong online presence. So, you’ve heard about SEO and how it can help your business. You hire a SEO company, and they perform a SEO audit in Chicago, to know what to do and which strategy to take. Once the strategy is planned, you wait for results. But it may take some time to actually notice positive results. Perhaps this has happened to you, and it is totally fine that you are nervous about trying this technique you are not familiar with. Then, just have in mind that you will have to carry some risks in nearly any business decision you make. And to avoid feeling like you are risking all, it is better if you at least know what you are getting into. For that, we want to show you which SEO strategies are risk taking and which aren’t.

1. Make big or small changes on your website

As you possibly know, when SEO is used, you expect to increase your traffic and get more people to click on your business’ webpage. So, you’ve already had a webpage built with certain information and keywords. But what if it is not attracting the attention, you look for?

This means that there is something you need to change into your website. Of course, any good SEO audit Chicago can help you decide where to start, and give an overall diagnosis for your page. 

Which SEO Strategies Are Risk Taking And Which Aren’t make big or small changes

Though that may help you, it will not be enough. The only way you can be sure what works for you is through testing. You need to make big or small changes. For example, perhaps you might need to change the met description, or the title, or the kind of content, the images, the keywords, etc. It is a risk you need to take, but still necessary for your webpage to know what really works for you.

2. Avoid Poor Doorway Pages

Doorway Pages are sites that were created to help a webpage rank highly for certain specific search queries. They are specifically created to hold many keywords that can “help your website”, but it does not contain any useful information for your searcher. This type of SEO technique was popular in the past, but nowadays, it has become clear that it is not that useful. As a matter of fact, Google greatly dislikes this type of pages. And only for this reason, you should avoid this SEO risk. It will do more harm than good to your business, since Google can even penalize pages that do spam. So, it is better not to bother creating them.

3. Use High-Quality Backlinks

Which SEO Strategies Are Risk Taking And Which Aren’t high quality backlinks

Building links on your webpage is very important for your site, so it can be connected to many places within and out too. So, backlinks are also important for a good SEO strategy. It might be sometimes difficult to link your page to another company, but it is worth the try.

Just remember that you need to create links with websites that can give your company authority. Getting a lot of backlinks, without realizing if they are from trustworthy sites, won’t do any good for your business. 

You need to make sure you are linking them to high-quality sites. In this way, Google will notice that you are using reliable sites with established authority, and will recommend your page as well.

4. Do not delete or condense content or entire pages

It may happen that if you have created a certain page to advertise a product, you may want to delete if your company have discontinued it. It seems like a harmless action, but it can have consequences for your webpage’s ranking. How so? Well, this specific webpage had certain keywords, that will probably get lost if you delete it. You know how difficult it can be to place a keyword in the search engines, and if you delete it, you’ll lose it. So, instead of taking that risk, you could keep the webpage, even with the discontinued product. What you can do to the page is to add messages for the visitor that can redirect them to a similar page with a product they can also buy. Likewise, if what you are doing is to condense two pages into one, include at least 301 redirects to the old URLs. This is just to make sure you won’t lose link juice and traffic.

Be ready to try SEO risks!

SEO has become an important part of a digital business marketing. And as part of any business, there are risks you can take and risks you need to avoid. Anything new you try can be scary, in case something does not work as you thought. But with SEO, it is worth taking the risk. Of course, there are some things you should avoid that can affect negatively. So, it is better if you know about them, and decide what to do.

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