How to Improve Image Search Ranking on Google

How to Improve Image Search Ranking on Google

Google image search works very much like a normal web search. Googlebot must be able to crawl, index and understand what your images are about. This will improve your image search ranking and overall SEO in google. Let’s find out how:

What is an image search and how does it work?

After you supply a photo, Google goes to work. The company’s blog post explains that Google analyzes the image, creating a mathematical model based on shapes, lines, proportions, colors and other elements. It then matches the model against images already in Google’s index.

How does SEO work for images?

Image optimization at the SEO level is one of the most forgotten parts when working on a website and at the same time one of the most important.

Tips to maximize image search ranking by SEO

  • Use a relevant image that matches your text.
  • Pick a good file name for your image.
  • Make sure image dimensions match the image size as displayed.
  • Reduce file size for faster loading.
  • Add a caption, if appropriate, for easier scanning of the page.
  • Use image alt text.

Do images affect SEO?

Using large images as it affects the user experience and image SEO, and it will cause Google to penalize your website ranking. Let’s face it, your users will get frustrated if pages on your site take too long to load. Sizing an image not only refers to the width and height of an image but also the resolution quality

How do people search on the Internet?

Technology and the Internet are the best allies for consumers who want to be informed: thanks to smartphones, bar scanners, social networks or Web pages that compare prices or offer discounts, we are the buyers with more prior information about what we want or need to acquire for our satisfaction.

Here is the importance of the online market for products over the Internet, as 80% of people research the Internet before buying. Therefore, these buyers already have in mind the price they are willing to pay and the potential savings they are going to obtain before they even step into a store and buy.

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