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Mutual Relationships for Inbound Link Generation

When building your blog for a webpage or when focusing your efforts in bettering the SEO standing of your website, it’s impossible to ignore that there will often be situations where you focus solely in your site’s links and interactions. That is not ok, as google won’t give you priority if you are constantly self referencing. You need to understand it is important to maintain mutual relationships for inbound link generation with other pages in the industry.

Link Building

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Mutual Relationships for Inbound Link Generation with Other Pages

Something Google values a lot is that you are considered an authority by your peers. It helps you position high in the search engine, but what does it mean? Well, it means your articles are being cited and that people reference you. To achieve that you need to be able to do the same for others. When Google sees you using external sources it belives you more, and you can still link yourself.

Mutual Link building

Then Cite and Link Everyone!

You know that’s no good! Everything you do to exploit something you know works in SEO eventually backfires when you get cocky and overdoit. This is not different: you need as many links as you can get into every article but limited to the number of words, how many names and keywords you mention, the topic. how many people are talking about it… Sometimes you will get a dozen in, sometimes 2 or 3. The important part is that when you use it, you use them related to something you had already said in the context of the article.

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Nothing lives in a vacuum, so next time you are planning on link building you can have in mind that you will build someone else’s links, so maybe you need to partner with them so they do the same for you.