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Tips to Optimize Your Calls to Action in Email

Tips To Optimize Your Calls To Action

Think back on the emails you receive from the brands you support. How do they entice you to read further? They almost certainly have a precise call-to-action button. So, here are some tips to optimize your calls to action in the email.

Use action-oriented text

Be sure to use striking, actionable text to draw readers in. Skip boring words like submit, enter, and even click here in favor of more compelling verbs like getting, read, and try. Then, couple those with text relating to your specific offer.

Tips To Optimize Your Calls To Action

Make your button text large and legible

Your call-to-action button text should be large enough to read easily. But not so large to be considered obnoxious. So be sure your button text is big enough to draw attention, but don’t overdo it.

Keep it brief

If you’ve got a large, actionable text, you’ll need to keep the copy short. Two or three words are okay but no more than five or six.

Try using the first person

Changing button text from the second person to the first person results in a 90% increase in clicks. Those results are dependent on the product and personality, but numbers don’t lie.

Use bright colors

Go for something that’s eye-catching without being too distracting. Also, remember that your button colors will depend on your brand. And use a contrasting color to be sure your call to action stands out. Not sure what color to choose? Try out many until it feels right!

Always add white space

Be sure to include white space around your call to action. The extra white space helps create a visual break and draws the reader’s attention right where you want it. Also, it is a simple way to make your call-to-action button stand out.

Tips To Optimize Your Calls To Action

Watch your hierarchy

Sometimes you’ll have other links, images, and buttons that aren’t your main call to action. So, be sure those extras are not distracting. The entire goal of your email is to get someone to click on your primary button.

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