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Why Readability Matters On SEO

Why Readability Matters On SEO

When you write something for your website, it needs to be done with a certain purpose. You need to make your text appropriate for the audience you are targeting. Plus, it needs to be interesting and understandable. All these factors can be summed up into readability. This is an overall factor that focuses on online content and, if used right, it can increase your site’s search engine optimization. It may happen that you perform a SEO Audit Chicago, and you find out that what is missing is that the content is difficult to understand, so it lacks of readability. Your text should be easy to read to lead you to higher ranks and more traffic. Our SEO company in Chicago is convinced that writing in plain and understandable language can and will get you more clients. So, here we want to explain to you why readability matters on SEO.

Well-written texts improve user experience

It can be obvious to tell you this, but when you write unintelligible content, your customers will go through a bad user experience. No one wants to enter a website where the text is difficult to read, follow and understand. Besides that, it is boring and perhaps filled with keywords. People who encounter this type of websites won’t click again on it.

When you are planning on writing some content, it should be aimed and focused on your target audience. They are looking for something, and they should get that answer in your website. Likewise, when your text is easy for search engines to understand, it will probably rank higher. Of course, you need to create a balance for the two, to be easy to understand by search engines, and to give a great user experience as well. So, you need to find a way to intertwine both of them in a holistic sense.

Why Readability Matters On SEO well written texts improve user experience

Search engines have improved their searches

Back in time, when the internet and some search engines just recently appeared, the only thing you need to do to rank your page higher was to stuff it with keywords everywhere. However, nowadays, these old techniques do not work anymore. Search engines have gotten much better at recognizing quality content. The way they search for new content is different. They can recognize synonyms, and seems to understand better what people want to read. As you see now, SEO has become more sophisticated. And with that, you need to improve the type of content you have. It needs to be easy to read and understandable enough for search engines to consider it a good type of content and recommend it to the users.

So, how to improve readability?

Why Readability Matters On SEO how to improve it

Now that you know the importance of readability, you need to find ways of making it easy to read for your users. First, you need to focus on the structure of your text. What is the message your audience will receive, and in what order? You can make a draft where you write the main points of your text.

Then, you should also use short sentences, since the lengthy ones are much harder to process. Likewise, try to avoid the use of passive voice and the use of complicates sentences. 

You need to make sure that you write your text in an appealing style, so it needs to be creative. And you can also use synonyms and avoid using the same word when you start the sentences. All these things matter for your text to become readable.

Make your website readable!

As we have seen now, readability is an important factor for your website to rank higher in the search engines. If you have performed a SEO Audit Chicago, you will see how important this is. After all, what you are looking is to increase the number of viewers and visitors to your website. They need to find your information understandable and interesting to them. Follow our tips to improve your writing and get your goals.