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Obsolete Web Designs

A classic example of bad website design, obsolete web designs populate the web like relics from the old internet 1 and 2.0, where one doesn’t really have a unique design to speak of. Since most of the site is just plain text on a white page with some hyperlinks, you won’t get the feeling that someone is trying to showcase their work.

There are websites that still keep those old wall of text designs and take you back to a way of building a site that chose one of the most hated fonts on the internet, Comic Sans, as their font of choice, and let’s not even start with the ridiculously huge font in the menu. Conflicting colors and various flickering animations distract users and ensure they completely clutter the site. This would continue to this day, but luckily history had at least some other plans for us before it could go on.

When you see bad web design, you know it. Why? Because it’s not user-centric. Browsing the site can get tedious, or you can get lost trying to find the information you’re looking for. In some cases, completing an action — like a purchase — doesn’t even feel so intuitive

older web design

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Obsolete Web designs for local seo

Leaving behing the Obsolete web designs

Website design itself is not just a new 21st century thing: elements prepared by the webmasters and the site providers to have an easily accesible template have been here forever. Blogger and WordPress were the first on devising such a space for you to start building content over a pre-established space and soon everyone followed.

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It’s easy to see how the new designs are ever present and even how old obsolete design get taken out and replaced by a new tendency that you can find anywhere, inspired and focuser on user experience.