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Best cities for SEO marketing

Best cities for SEO marketing


SEO has gained relevance around the world, in part thanks to the use of digital media and social networks in companies to reach their customers and increase sales. The markets that offer more and better opportunities to address new challenges, are the most sought after by marketing specialists or marketers, who discover in large markets, means to implement their skills and more opportunities to grow professionally in the industry. In this scenario the Best cities for SEO marketing are big cities, where the fast-paced and crowded lifestyle leads to intense business activity.

A few years ago getting SEO specialists was almost impossible. There really was not so much interest in the area, but things have changed and that is why more and more people, for personal or work desire, start a specialization in SEO, which in some cases helps them to become the best in their city.



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San Francisco

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The famous bustling and beautiful city of San Francisco, precisely where the main and most important headquarters of Google such as Facebook and Twitter are located, is one of the BEST CITIES FOR SEO MARKETING due to its large influx of companies interested in SEO that move to San Francisco looking for an opportunity to succeed. San Francisco has many plus points because of the growing demand for marketers, this means it has a lot of future to explore and more importantly exploit.  Besides being the second city in the United States with more marketing jobs in this area according to a study by the company Conductor, where Boxmark offers the service of Seo audit.

More than 40% of google searches are related to the local level which means a great opportunity for commercial premises located in the locality in which the user has made the search. When a user is searching for “shoes” in your area, he will get results from shoe stores in that area, and not from another one. Therefore, Local SEO takes into account the location of who is performing the search, so the area in which it is located is of vital importance.

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The Windy City ranks among the Best Cities for SEO Marketing with many opportunities in design, advertising, web development and digital marketing. Chicago is home to the most important marketing agencies in the USA.
is the third most populated metropolitan area in the USA and is an important part of an urban conglomerate in which, within a radius of 825 km around, there are more than 100 million people, about 45% of the population of the USA.
The City of Chicago is emerging as an ever-expanding business center. This is due to its economic diversity, which is reflected in the wide range of industries that reside in the city. In 1994, it was designated as an Economic Empowerment Zone, receiving federal funds to improve the situation of some sectors of the city.
In the past, we used to rely on printed guidebooks to find businesses in our area. If we needed to go to a veterinarian urgently, we would pick up the yellow pages to find one in our city, or those local directories.
But that era has been over for many years. Today, the Internet is the biggest and most important storefront you can have. On both mobile devices and computers, many people turn to search engines like Google to find local businesses.

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The city of Jacksonville is the most populated city in the state of Florida with over 850,000 inhabitants, and the largest in the United States with a total area of 2,264,500 square kilometers. It has a population density of 362.77 persons per square kilometer.
Jacksonville’s economy is naturally linked and integrated to foreign trade.
Jacksonville is also home to a naval base and an air base of the U.S. armed forces, as well as a recognized and diversified medical industry; at the same time it has important American soccer and baseball stadiums, besides enjoying a lively and active cultural life. Jacksonville is at the height of the national and international market. In fact, Jacksonville is one of the most business-friendly cities in the nation, as announced in Expansion Management Magazine’s annual survey and ranked 11th among the “Best Cities for Business” for 2006 by Inc. magazine.
As a rapidly growing municipality, Jacksonville is recognized as a national leader in development management.
These factors make Jacksonville one of the best cities for SEO marketing because of its warmth to businesses and due to its large number of residents who reside there or are passing through, there is a lot of movement that makes Jacksonville a future powerhouse of a business city. Challenges facing marketers in the future and most are confident in achieving the goals set for the next few years and only 1% believe they are not prepared to tackle them.

We believe that Jacksonville in particular is one of the most promising cities for seo marketing in the coming years.
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Phoenix is the capital and largest city in the state of Arizona, USA. USA . According to the U.S. Census Bureau , the city had 1,445,632 inhabitants in 2010 , estimated at 1,660,272 inhabitants in 2018 , which places it in fifth place nationally. Its urban area of 4,737,270 inhabitants is the 11th country.
In ten years, the population has increased by 25% which makes Phoenix a city with constant use of the internet which is a benefit of vital importance because the more the new generations grow, the more the use of search engines like Google increases.
Small businesses are the foundation of Phoenix’s economy. Over 95% of the companies in Phoenix have less than 50 employees. This makes it ideal to consider Phoenix one of the best cities for SEO marketing.
Small businesses keep money circulating within the Phoenix economy, encouraging other local businesses both physical and online. This point is fundamental for the development of your site because there are a variety of niches that can be exploited, children, youth, adults, artists, athletes, etc … for various styles of businesses that can be developed in Phoenix with a little idea and SEO advice.


Likewise, within the Phoenix local SEO company it is considered as part of the strategy that content publications must be constant, and must take into account the type of person, client, or reader to whom it is directed.
The user experience through intuitive pages and fast and agile purchasing processes is what will give the real triumph to the growth of your page, these cities we can take as knowledge of the best cities for SEO marketing in our favor at the time of wanting to move to one of these cities for the benefit of your business.