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Why The Accessibility Of Your Website Matters?

Why The Accessibility Of Your Website Matters?

So, one of the things that is important for your website is accessibility. What is this exactly? Well, if you have a website, you need to make sure that it is accessible for everyone. It must be your first thought when creating it. Just think about this: You have a business in Chicago, and you decide to create a new website to expand your customers. One person enters your website, but it seems difficult to navigate through it. The result? You will definitely lose a potential client. Even Google thinks it is important and will definitely help your page rank higher. So, here we want to tell you why the accessibility of your website matters.

First, what is accessibility?

Accessibility is when you decide to design your website, so it can be used by everyone, and that includes people with disabilities. When you decide to create a site with a system that enables everybody to use it, it means your content will be accessible, and you will be giving a great customer service.

This is excellent if what you are looking is to grow your client’s list. You should not exclude anyone, and you don’t know who will be reading or needing your services. Something our Local SEO Company Chicago has implemented is this accessibility, and we are deeply committed to that.

Why The Accessibility Of Your Website Matters what does it matters

Why does it matter?

As the use of the internet has expanded, there are many people who use it to connect and look for information. If you are looking for a certain service or product, the internet will pretty much give you a suggestion to it. But as we said everybody is on the internet, you need to have in mind that our worldwide population is composed of different people. And all of them should have easy access to any kind of information they want and need.

Let’s think for a moment about people who have problems with the hearing. This is one of the most common disabilities in the U.S. and the whole world. So, if you are aware of this and know all the facts about hearing impairments, you will know how to make your website accessible to them.

Why The Accessibility Of Your Website Matters

Like this example we have given, there are many more types of people you need to consider for your website’s design. Though it may seem like a tough job, there are actually great tools you can use in your SEO techniques to improve your accessibility.

For instance, you can consider using headings (to help search engines and users understand your text), good color contrast (to help identify all the information you present), and descriptive links (which can help people with visual impairment).

Web accessibility is for every user

As we said earlier, everybody deserves the chance to surf in the internet and access to your website. We have spoken for people that have disabilities, that also have the right to have easy access to any website to look for anything they need. However, this accessibility will also be beneficial for users that do not have disabilities.

Take for example, people that do not use a computer or laptop to look for information, but rather a mobile phone, a TV or any kind of device with a small screen. It is important that your website is also suitable for them. Likewise, you also need to pay attention to the older people who use the internet. Most of them have changing abilities due to aging, so your website should offer them a simple way to navigate. 

We also talk about people with “temporary disabilities” (a broken arm or lost glasses), people with situational limitations (sensitivity to bright light or audio) or people with slow internet connection. Why The Accessibility Of Your Website Matters? When you create a website, you will need to do a  local search marketing in Chicago, or any city you are located.

Then, you will know who your target audience is, and you can adapt your website to everybody. You need to think in your whole audience. And that includes people of different ages, different situations, different limitations or disabilities.

Why the Accessibility of your website matters website accessibility is for every user

Accessibility is a continuous process!

This is something you should not forget to do it in your webpage. Our Local SEO Company Phoenix certainly does not. But what is good is that you, along with our help, can begin doing this. You need to remember that you don’t have to fix everything in one day. This topic needs to be done step by step. Then, you will give your website time to adjust to the changes. And your users and future clients will feel more comfortable as you begin adding these accessible tools.

Take in mind that when we do a local search marketing Phoenix, we know what is good for your website. Remember that accessibility and usability go hand-in-hand. So, this accessibility factor will help your SEO rankings. Little by little, you will begin noticing the differences and improvements on your overall ranking. Just keep in mind that accessibility is not one-dimensional, but rather a variety of factors. There are many things you need to keep on implementing as the world keeps on changing. Rely on accessibility factors, and you will notice a great change!

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