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Benefits Of Having A WordPress Website

WordPress was first released on May 27, 2003. It was originally designed to be just a platform for creating and publishing blogs. However, its versatility has made it the most widely used content management system (CMS) in the world. If you still do not use this powerful tool in your project, stay and learn about the benefits of
having a WordPress website.

To begin with, let’s detail what WordPress really is. This popular tool is a CMS that allows you to create, edit and publish web articles with multimedia elements quickly and easily.

In the market, there are alternatives such as Shopify, Wix, Joomla, or Blogger, but the king of CMS is undoubtedly WordPress. Below, we are going to list the reasons why you should use it to boost your business.

Benefits Of Having A WordPress Website

Flexible and adaptable platform

WordPress was born to design content for blogs and since its launch, it has evolved. However, it retains its practical nature. Its versatility and multiple tools have made it a flexible site for creating all kinds of websites.

In addition, another of the benefits of WordPress is that it is open-source software. This software is one that can be modified and distributed freely since its copyrights are in the public domain. The fact that WordPress is an open-source software is a great advantage. This aspect will allow you to:

  • Optimize tools.
  • Detect and solve errors.
  • Perform code corrections.
  • Implement new attributes.
  • Design plugins and extensions.

Another advantage of using WordPress is its large community of companies and web developers who collaborate daily to ensure its growth.

Easy to use and install

Among so much competition, WordPress stands out from its competitors for its ease of use and installation. To start using it and create content, you don’t need to be a programmer or a web developer.

WordPress has a five-minute installation wizard. While its configuration is easy and requires no technical skills. From the first click after installation, you will be able to:

  • Writing and editing publications.
  • Upload and edit images.
  • Install plugins and templates.
  • Insert videos and links.

If you know how to create texts in Microsoft Word, publishing an article in WordPress will be a piece of cake. The platform has a navigation menu and a tools panel friendly and intuitive enough for anyone to learn how to use it quickly.

How to take advantage of the benefits of a WordPress website

Approximately 1 out of every 5 sites on the Internet has been created using WordPress

Tips for having a WordPress website

An excellent SEO partner

If you are looking to create a website is because you want to increase your sales and leads, right? Well, WordPress will be a great ally in your efforts to boost your project.

One of the topics you must master if you want to excel in business is SEO. Any website looking to increase its online traffic and get more sales must resort to SEO. And WordPress is an excellent SEO partner.

The structure of a website designed by WordPress has everything that SEO is looking for to increase visibility

  • Incorporate keywords in URLs, titles, and descriptions.
  • Make the text legible.
  • Insert internal and external links.

One of the plugins par excellence to correctly use SEO in WordPress is “Yoast SEO”. This plugin will allow you to identify if your site is optimized to rank in search engines.

Besides being extremely easy to use, Yoast SEO will tell you how many times your keyword is repeated throughout the article. It will also tell you if you need to add more keywords or if your text has readability problems.

In addition, in WordPress you can use more than 54,000 plugins, some free and some paid, in which you can find a wide variety of tools aimed at optimizing your website.

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Benefits Of Having A WordPress Website

Huge variety of attractive designs

Benefits Of Having A WordPress Website cost effective platform

Another advantage of using WordPress is its huge catalog of more than 11,000 themes with which you can customize your website. From very serious and formal templates to fun and dynamic ones, with WordPress you can incorporate the design you want and modify the elements based on your needs.

Compared to other content management systems that are often complicated in terms of web design, WordPress retains its versatility and ease of use.

A profitable platform

If you are starting your business and you have a limited budget, WordPress will be your great ally. Compared to other platforms with high costs, WordPress is very cost-effective.

When it comes to website maintenance and upkeep, WordPress is quite inexpensive compared to other alternatives. For a small price, your website will look professional, quality and profitable for your business.

A mobile-friendly website

One of the great benefits of having a WordPress website is its mobile viewing capabilities. According to a report by Sistrix, users nowadays prefer their phones to connect to the Internet. The information provided by this specialized SEO platform reports that searches from smartphones have skyrocketed, while queries from computers have stagnated.

This information makes the picture clear: you have to have a mobile-optimized site. And WordPress can offer you that. By creating a website with this platform, your website will be optimized to work on mobile.

WordPress automatically configures your website so that it can adapt to other devices and formats, such as tablets and smartphones. This way, you will not lose customers because the page does not work properly.


The best tips to optimize your WordPress website

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Provides instant statistics

For your business to show continuous improvement, you must be able to measure the actions taken. And WordPress can help you do that too. WordPress offers you a set of tools capable of tracking the behavior and actions of users on your website. With WordPress, you will be able to know data related to:

  • Web traffic of your website and each of its pages.
  • Most read articles.
  • The bounce rate.
  • The number of new users.

With the statistical data and reports on the activity of your website obtained, you will be able to design an appropriate digital marketing campaign to improve the performance of your business. The most popular plugins to get statistics are MonsterInsights, WP Statistics, Slimstat Analytics and Jetpack by

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With this small guide on the benefits of having a WordPress website, you can boost your business and reach new horizons. If you still do not feel confident to start your website with WordPress, here we give you the best plugins.

Plugins you must have on your WordPress site

Yoast SEO: The best SEO plugin for WordPress

SumoMe: The best free WordPress popup plugin.

EWWWW Image Optimizer: The plugin par excellence for editing images in WordPress

Wordfence: WordPress security analysts, threat researchers, software engineers, and support staff

All In One WP Security & Firewall: This plugin will take your website security to a new level. 

Disqus: Listening to your audience’s comments will allow you to understand them better. You will be able to do it through Disqus.

WP Rocket: If you want to improve the speed of your website, this is the plugin for you.

WP Statistics: An excellent plugin to measure visits in WordPress.

The reason why you should have a website with WordPress

Benefits of Having a WordPress Website

As you could see, WordPress can easily adapt to your business needs. It is easy to use, versatile, and cost-effective and when you master it, the results can be better than expected. With these benefits and plugins, what are you waiting for to try this powerful tool and take your business to another level?

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