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SEO Leads to Better User Experience

There are many ways you can improve your website and maximize user experience. This includes providing your audience with relevant information, related photos or videos to support text, easy to navigate web pages or a mobile-friendly website configuration.

SEO Is a Primary Source of Leads

Inbound strategies are the most effective and successful source of leads among Business to Business (B2B), Business to Customer (B2C) and non-profit organizations. Inbound includes search engine optimization, social media, content marketing, referrals, and others.

SEO Brings Higher Close Rates

Statistics showed that an average of 14.6% close rate is achieved from SEO leads, compared to 1.7% close leads from outbound leads. Reaching out to customers (outbound or cold leads) often results in lower conversion rates.

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SEO Encourages Local Users to Visit the Physical Store After the Search

After conducting a local research, there is a high tendency for customers to visit the local store or shop. For example, an internet user keys in “Best Seafood Restaurant in Singapore”. This will then show a variety of options. The internet user will then visit his or her top choice and becomes a customer of that restaurant.

A particular study backs this up, stating that 81% of shoppers conduct their research online before going to the store and making the local purchase.

SEO Results to Higher Conversion Rate

The good ranking of your site on any search engine websites can guarantee you high conversion rates. Your target market will become more aware of you as long as you maintain your top position.

SEO Promotes Better Cost Management

The Search Engine Journal reported that inbound leads can actually lower the cost of lead generation by 61% versus outbound leads.

SEO lowers advertising costs. When you already have a top ranking, there is no need for you to pay per click or advertise your page. You will continue to stay above the rest of the search results as long as Internet users click your search links.

SEO Helps Establish Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness is the extent to which the target market recognizes a brand. This refers to how familiar your customers are with your product or service. According to Investopedia.

Search Engine Optimization ensures that your product is easily found by search engine sites through regular and organic search. Once you remain at the top of the ranking, Internet users will be able to see you more.

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